WhatsApp Messenger APK Latest Version Free Download

WhatsApp Messenger is an ideal messenger for smartphones that is available for Android phones and other smart phones. You can message your friends and family using your wifi connection or 3G. It has removed SMS out of the way and now you can send messages using your wifi connection. You can also send and receive videos, pictures, voice texts, and video messages too. Some of the key features of this smartphone messenger are as follows.

  • The messages are absolutely free of cost. Unlike data packages, you can send as many messages as you want even if you send a million messages you will not be charged a single penny as it uses your wifi or 3G connection to send and receive messages.
  • You can send multimedia to friends and contacts very fastly and smoothly. You can share pictures, videos, audio notes, video messages within a few minutes or we can say seconds!
  • You can also enjoy group conversation with your contacts and friends and have cherished the perks of family gatherings and old friendships.
  • You can also enjoy conversations internationally with your family members and friends as there are no charges to send and receive SMS messages internationally. You can send as many messages as you want and lessen the distances within seconds.
  • There are no pins and usernames to remember like other messengers. Instead of that, WhatsApp uses your phone number like data services do to send and receive messages. All your contacts will be shown in the contact list who have WhatsApp installed on their phones and you can instantly chat with them. There is one less problem that is logging in and logging out as you do not have to log in or log out to the messenger because you always get push notifications and WhatsApp is always connected.
  • You don’t have to manually add contacts because your address book is accessed when you install WhatsApp and all your contacts with WhatsApp messenger will be shown to you and you can poke them instantly.
  • WhatsApp stores your messages if you are offline or your phone is switched off for any reason. It will save your messages and show you when you use the application next time.
  • You can share locations with each other. You can exchange contacts too.
  • There are custom wallpapers and custom notifications sounds.
  • You can also set the landscape mode..You can email chat history. You can broadcast MMS messages to many contacts at a time.

WhatsApp has removed all the distances as national and international conversations all are absolutely free of cost. You can download this smartest app from the link below.


If you wish to download it from the Google Play Store, then the link is below.


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