Wartide Heroes Atlantis MOD Apk Download

Wartide Heroes Atlantis MOD Apk

   Wartide Heroes Atlantis 

Wartide Heroes Atlantis MOD Apk
Wartide Heroes Atlantis MOD Apk

Is a Battlefield game where all brave heroes come to fight with other heroes ,they have a big mission that is destroying opponent hero’s troops and kill to opponent hero allso ,This game a magical showing power game, every hero want to shoot opponent hero that is main mission of this Wartide Heroes Atlantis game, In this game many numbers of heroes participate in battlefield to defeat enemy, every group of troops hhasa leader that is known as Hero, you can select anyone hero from game dashboard list where many numbers of heroes are already listed but that are all not in your command there is an method to select those heroes that are  in lock list ,f irst you have need to complete some mission by killing your opponent hero and his army then you will be declared as to promote next level and can access locked hero ,then that locked hero will be automatically unlocked and you can select it, in this game heroes have different shapes and colors and capabilities, some of them like animal as dinosaur as lion as other types of animal but not at all, some heroes are like human and have other shapes ,In this game hero maintain his army or we can say troops they use various types of weapons mostly they use fire for to kill opponent army troops ,that game is fantastic, mind blowing ,it remind ancient time (old time) war because you can see in this game war troops not use current time weapons they use ancient time weapons and arms so you can guess easily that it is old time based war game .

You can download it and play I know it is so great  game as I have experienced so well designed and fantastic game you can become a hero in this game it provide you full attention because it is mind blowing game .

General information of Wartide Heroes Atlantis :

Game Size :: 97 MB

Offered by :: Outac Inc

Released on :: 24 October ,2017


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Wartide Heroes Atlantis MOD Apk


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