Virtual High School Teacher 3D MOD Apk Download

Virtual High School Teacher 3D MOD Apk

Virtual High School Teacher 3D MOD apk

A game based on a school teacher, a gamer’s player that plays a role as a high school teacher  that do all duties, like a real school teacher, which that are responsibilities of any school teacher, in the game  player who considered as a teacher is a female, she officiates her duty very honestly she go to school on time , she drives her car herself to reach school ,she is newly joined the school to teach the students so she works honestly, confidently with good manners , but you need to know it depends on gamer that how gamer play (run) his/her player the player in the game who is a female high school teacher so it is necessary to tell gamer that you have to handle out this School teacher moments and action which obviously will be performed by your commandments , you have to run the school teacher by the right way otherwise teacher will be misdirected and never will be able to perform right action , no need to worry about that how to find school? Or now where do you need to bring teacher for next task, everything will be pointed out by guidelines and sign of direction to move your player, so, you have to follow direction sign that will help your player(teacher) to arrive that point where the task is given. When your player(teacher) enters, she is welcomed by the school staff.

Day starts then you have to drive a car to school, press to drive after having drive you reach school  ,go to classroom to teach the students ,guide the students after attending the class ,deliver the report to the principal , go to upstairs as your school has double story building and reaching the second story check the time table from notice board then move to your classroom and meet the students, meet and intro with students, when you go to close with student, they will introduce him/her self, so game for those who have aimed to be a teacher in future or those who are serving nation as a teacher a really amazing game must play this game.

General information of Virtual High School Teacher 3D MOD apk

Size: 42Mb

Offered by: Digital Royal Studio

Released on: 26 Mar 2018

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Virtual High School Teacher 3D MOD Apk


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