The Birdcage MOD Apk Download for Android

The Birdcage MOD Apk

The Birdcage MOD apk

Is a puzzle game, it takes your brain intelligence test that how you can find the solution of a mystery issue, this game is based on behind an ancient time heartbroken king, his son became the prey of an accident and he passed away but this incident left bed effects on the king he was hurt on the death of his lovely son , so,  he wanted to give freedom to every life that was in custody of his palace so, as there was a creature of birds in prison in his palace, as his deceased son was lover of beautiful colorful birds and parrots when time he was alive and he made a big collection of these birds in cage but now he has passed away and his king father does not want to see any life in prison as he is now very grief due to that big lost  so he has decided to give freedom to these colorful beautiful birds from cage but problem is that he doesn’t know where are keys of cages of these birds because his son was owner of these birds and just his son had idea that where are keys of cages but unfortunately he has passed away so in this game you have to find keys of cages in order to free these birds out from the cages so solve the puzzles and get keys if you become successful to solve puzzle in this way you can lock away (free out to the birds from the cages) so with respect to doing this you will get access to the next level and every coming level will be harder and will take your mind attention and create more interest .Try to solve these puzzles which that lead to getting keys of the bird’s cages and free out from prison to this innocent creature that is not been created for having in cages , let them fly freely , unravel mysteries and find out keys that are very significant for to open the cage door that will help to come out the bird not only one you have to free to all birds further that is your challenge or a task given in the game , a really brain testing game that force you to prove your intelligence that you have.

General Information of The Birdcage MOD apk

size: 92 Mb

offered by: MobiGrow

Released on: 8 Oct 2018

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The Birdcage Apk

The Birdcage MOD Apk


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