Stickman Base Jumper 2 MOD Apk Download for Android

Stickman Base Jumper 2 MOD apk

A game revolves around a jumper who jumps down the highest buildings if the world the highest buildings that are known and recorded in top highest buildings name list, you are a stickman don’t worry being called by this nickname actually ” stickman ” is a famous  climber so you have to play the role of a stickman who do climbing from the highest buildings and well known in this expertise  ,he is so smart and looks like a cartoon and he always wondered to the gamers when he jumped out the highest peaks he really has a special skill ,so in this game you have your character that is stickman its control of climbing and jumping is handed over to you and now you can make your stickman climb and jump from the highest peak down like a Spiderman ,your stickman jumps through the top peak dressing a wing suit and a parachute ,parachute help him in dragging in the air and help to come down slowly and carefully ,it helps to avoid any collision and hitting to the other buildings and objects so,keep in mind here not only you have to make your stickman jumping but also careful to avoid any incident as there are more chances to be faced full of danger and harmful accidents ,so keep your stickman safe and secure to survive your game ,your game success depends upon the survival of your player, if you handle out all the challenges successfully your game life time will increase otherwise no more timing but your game will be over .Here in this jumping climbing game you can use various types of parachutes in different colors and you have the choice to choose your desired one ,you can wear a variety of wing suits that are used in space for dragging someone to move slowly in the space and helps to save from incident to be happening or taking place ,remember that when you jump must wear wingsuit and when you are flying comes near to the earth open your parachute but open it right time not too early not too late your player life is valuable if you really want to continue your game for long periods and want it not being over, this game is really great and you can fly in air and can have an aerial view of the populated city from the space, have fun and jump down the tallest buildings and land safely this is your main mission of the game.

General information of Stickman Base Jumper 2 MOD apk 

Size: 80 Mb

Offered by: Djinnworks GmBH

Released on: 15 Dec 2016


Stickman Base Jumper 2 MOD apk



Stickman Base Jumper 2 MOD Apk


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