Bullet Force MOD APK 1.74.0 | Unlimited Ammo


bullet-force-apk-mod bullet-force-android-apk bullet-force-apk-mod bullet-force-hack-apk-android bullet-force-mod-apk bullet-force-unlimited-money-mapsBullet Force is an Online/Offline Android FPS game from Lucas Wilde. It’s ditto copy of Battlefield Game where you will notice so many similarities between this game and Battlefield FPS game from EA. Latest version adds lots of contents and new maps. Bullet Force MOD APK is a blast for the FPS and PVP Game Lovers.

Bullet Force MOD APK 1.74.0

If you are waiting for a game that offers Quality Looking sharp graphics i mean realistic looking,with offline to online play including great Maps and smart AIs then this game Bullet Force MOD APK is for you. it has campaign missions which you can enjoy offline and some Multiplayer battles like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and more.

Now lets come to the Multiplayer part because this MODE you are going to play hours and hours because this will surely remind you of Battlefield Multiplayer games. I am a hardcore battlefield player in BF3 and BF4 as well.dint try Battlefield 1 yet due to so many games are releasing these days. well i must say i am pretty much shocked to see Bullet Force MOD APK is a perfect combination of Battlefield 3 and 4.

Game is entirely dedicated or inspired from Battlefield games. From Maps to Players costumes,their loadouts to weapons even walking or running style are same.Hit marks,combat system and even you get same XP which you get per kill in original game.

Now comes to Original from beta.you’re famous when people are looking for your games over and over again and praising for it and waiting for releases.Bullet force MOD APK just arrived 2 days ago in the play store and it has so many downloads till now. game is officially arrived.so does we have added MOD APK Bullet force so that you can play it with unlimited money gold and credits.

Download Bullet Force MOD APK

You know it, one game is like another, still the same. Nearly identical maps, user environment, appearance, and even a game mechanism. There are just handful of unique great games. And I do not afraid to say, that Bullet Force MOD is one of them. I do not want talk about unique maps, weapons, or multiplayer mode, many of these stuff are also in other games. However, what miss there, it is an individualization. Thanks to features like purchasing weapons and their extensions (lasers, camouflages and others), selection of perks for own game advantage (faster run, shorter reloading time and again many others) is every soldier / player in the game so a little unique. Beside this, the game allows also set limitations for players in a room – you can set e.g. maximal allowed ping, entry only with a password, or maximum number of players in a room. After every round the game displays a ballot box and players vote about the next map to playing. Shortly, if you have been looking for a great game to play, you have just found it. Invite your friends and have fun with Bullet Force Multiplayer.

Features Of Bullet Force MOD:-
Realistic looking graphics
Competitive Multiplayer Battles
20 Real Weapons to choose from
Solid action gameplay
Smoother FPS and optimized for all devices
Offline play/Campaign MODES
Massive 20 player battles
Player customization
Sniping and Heavy rifles to equip

What’s New: v 1.74.0
-Solved issue with the purchases
-Improvements in some button texts
-Code improvements

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Ammo

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.74.0



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and Play.


Serious Sam APK TFE PC Games on Android

serious-sam-hd-tfe-apk-downloadserious-sam-apk-tfe serious-sam-first-encounter-apk serious-sam-tfe-apk

Serious Sam The First Encounter is considered a legendary first person shooter and a great callback to such games as Doom and Quake. Too bad it’s not really a callback seeing as how it was released in 2000 and that was only a few years after Doom and Quake had come out. Also, its gameplay is nothing like Doom and Quake, outside of obviously just shooting enemies.

Now we have quite amazing android high end phones so this time we are going to play PC Games on Android. This time its Serious Sam The First Encounter on Android Devices. A PC Port for Android devices with all of its features and contents.

Play PC Games on Android Serious SAM APK First Encounter

Serious Sam APK TFE Android is a very unique first person shooter, but here’s the thing: Serious Sam has a really high difficulty. When you’re actually fighting an army, you’re legitimately fighting an army. These enemies are tough to kill.

The graphics for Serious Sam are very impressive for the year 2000, and the level design for the game is more impressive still. The enemies for this game are absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty sure any Serious Sam player will fear this enemy named kamikaze. the game is very fond of spawning quite a few of them in small, tight corridors, rather than large, open areas.

Serious Sam is definitely a must play for any serious first person shooter player. Playing Serious Sam APK again on android devices is fun. Enjoy amazing graphics and FULL HD 60 FPS gameplay on Any android phone. You are going to love Serious Sam TFE APK on your android devices.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in SDCard/ and Play. The Data folder path will look like this SDCard/SeriousSam
If you want to play such games like this then make sure to share this post. Ill bring more games soon.


World War Heroes APK MOD 1.21.7

World War Heroes MOD APK WW2 Online FPS is out now. Its a World War 2 based multiplayer online FPS PVP Shooter Game for Android. There are no less FPS games available in the play store but we are still looking for something good and big so we can compare it with console games like Battlefield or Call of duty. World War heroes is no exceptional. what you can expect from the WWH MOD APK is amazing visuals, a high end FPS game and some classic Guns and tanks to use. Since its based on world war you will not see any modern weapon here. Its developed by the same Developers who brought us MODERN STRIKE ONLINE and they are GAME DEVELOPMENT LTD. Unlimited Money Cash,credits and Gold is not possible. World War heroes MOD APK is added for unlimited ammo and premium VIP account rewards.

World War heroes MOD APK 1.21.7

I have always been a fan of FPS games but on android i prefer adventure or rpg titles. still we are getting amazing FPS games on android like modern combat versus which will be out soon and of course Shadowgun legends which will be playing like Destiny.World War heroes is an online multiplayer game which means you will not get any campaign or story mode at all. of course you can not play it offline.

Starting of the game is like modern strike online where you will be taught how to move and how to fire.you will have to point out at 4 flags to advance in the next stage.then you will be in the shooting range.your weapons fires automatically when your cross-hair is on the enemy. switching weapons animation is so good also those old World war weapons nailed it. reload animation looks great. Simply its an impressive game which is based on World War.


World War Heroes APK MOD Different Game Modes:-
There are around 6 multiplayer game modes to try out. i am sure TDM will be the busies mode.Lets count those 6 modes Deathmatch where you can kill everyone.its like kill them all mode. we have got Team Deathmatch where you will be in your team and killing other team. third mode is a Bomb mode. its like Counter strike. fourth mode is a team bomb mode where you will have to plant bomb and other team will try to defuse it. a hardcore mode where everyone’s damage will be increased by x3 times. and finally team squad mode where you will be killing other squad members and earn points.

Graphics of world war heroes MOD APK looks damn good. you can clearly see it in the trailer which is in-game footage. Each details and maps are designed to look like a proper WW game. Weapons mechanism and tank combat makes it much more enjoyable. Main menu is almost like modern strike’s menu where you can buy new weapons or upgrade your equipped weapons.this costs silver coin and gold coins.since its an online game World war heroes MOD APK for Unlimited money is not possible.

Since its a freemium game there will be some pay wall where you will need to spend money to advance faster. Thankfully there is premium vip scheme available.Just like modern strike World War Heroes MOD APK has premium account features.but its already activated in the MOD APK of World War heroes. using premium account of War heroes you will get 25% extra XP and Credits. you will also get infinite ammo using the MOD APK.Do not expect GOD MODE or any other wall hack or kinda cheats because i wont add any.it will ruin Multiplayer Fun for some players.

What’s New: 1.21.7
– New Battle Pass season: Independence Day
– New weapon: M1 Garand, Mauser 98k, Luger P08
– New class added – Grenadier
– Anti-cheat improved
– Bug fixed that made players invisible
– Battle result table sorting fixed
– Medkit use indication improved
– Battle achievement system revamped
– Uploadable list of lobbies available for Custom Games
– Other bug fixes

What’s In The MOD APK of World War Heroes:-
Unlimited Ammo

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.21.7



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.