Smart Launcher Pro 2 Free APK Download For Android

Smart Launcher Pro 2 is a great and popular app for android devices. It allows you to completely change the layout of your Android device. It comes up with great features that are very easy and handy to use and allows you to open an app within the launcher within very few clicks. Smart launcher pro is the premium version of the application Smart Launcher. It allows a lot more features to cherish the layout of your device. It comes up with many designs and themes and a very amazing color range that provides a very good effect on your eyes as the designs and layouts are eye-catching and very easy to use and install. Are you bored with the usual layout of your Android device, then this is the best app and solution for your problem?I will try to describe all the mind-blowing features that will not let you regret downloading it.

It is very simple, light and fast. Does not covers a lot of space as it needs very little part of the storage of your device and does not slows down the speed of your mobile like other launchers. It is very fast and light as it does not let you realize that you are away from the real layout or launcher. It does not crashes the applications and runs very smoothly. It is still minimal but over-featured. If the six categories of the previous version were not enough for you then now there is a piece of good news for you that now you can add as many categories as you want to add. You can add books, shopping, navigation and if it’s still not enough, then you can add your own category and name it yourself.

From its popup widget, you can add awesome and latest widgets to your screen and manage them very easily. Widgets are usually shown still on the screen but here you can manage when you need a widget to show. Single-clicking an application opens it and double clicking will show the gadget. Isn’t it way cooler?

Moreover, Smart Launcher Pro 2 provides you a separate screen for placing multiple gadgets. It allows multiple screen panels specifically placing the gadgets in a separate screen.
It offers even more gestures and let you customize the way your startup your apps as you want. Two-finger gestures give you even more possibilities to manage the way you start your apps.
Amazing features an amazing app that is very popular around the globe and millions and millions of downloads have been done. In the background, where all these features are planned and made, there are qualified experts that work day and night for the progress of apps and to meet all the requirements of their users. The updates are faster and very light and easy to install. Its newer version that is Smart Launcher Pro 2 gives you more and more features to enjoy and it is fully unlocked. It gives full access to every handsome feature.

What’s new in the recent update. So yeah there are changes

  • Many bugfixes
  • Now you can start google by “OK, Google”
  • Autosorting is enabled in the default lock screen also
  • Now you can add/edit categories in the pro version only
  • Double tapping on an app will open up the widget
  • You can put a password to protect the hidden apps
  • Now it gives the best performance
  • APK size is now decreased so that it will not take a lot of storage
  • You can also double tap to turn off the screen

You can download it free of cost by the link below

If you wish to purchase it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below

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