Smart Launcher 3 APK Free Download For Android

It is a very smart,light and fast launcher for any android device.Smart Launcher 2 is an innovative launcher which features minimalist designs,low resource requirements and a very easy and user friendly interface that lets you launch any application within a very few clicks.It has already became the choice of over eight million people around the world. The word “minimalist” does not mean that this app is under featured. Smart Launcher 2 is completely different frol any other app or launcher provided on the Play store or any android market.You can decide it for your self by having a deep look at the features that it holds.

It allows you to access the most common apps that you mostly use.Now you don’t have to quit any activity to join another.You just have to double tap it and start a new activity with the same icon.

Its drawer feature automatically manages all your apps in categories and findinf apps was never this easy before.

Talking about themes and lockscreens,Almost all of the elements are customizable.. Smart Launcher 2 supports apex and all the Nova icon set and more than three hundred themes have been made specially for Smart Launcher.

It provides plugins,customizable gestures and notifications.You can add features by installing what you need.You can get notified directly on your homescreen.You can also assign gestures to your most fav apps to make it easier for you to start them more fastly.

You can hide any kind of app that you want to hide with its hide unused apps features.You can also password protect your apps from the prying eyes.Now that is amazing!

One Launcher to manager and rule all the stuff on your android.As Smart Launcher 2 is optimized for every android device,You can use it on your android mobile phone,also on your android tablets and moreover,you can even use it with your google TV. Every single part and feature of the Smart Launcher is made in a way to make it easier for you to use it and manage your device in a handsome way.It can be use very comfortably in potrait mode and also in landscape mode.

Since June 2012,Smart Launcher 2 has been updates more than one hundred ans fifty times.Team is working day by day to make it the most wanted app.

It also assures you of privacy and safety of your data and information.

This app require android 2.2 and later! It does not slow down your device as it is very light and user friendly.

Recently updated Smart Launcher 2 has got some new things.Have a look!

  • Now the graphic quality of icons is improved.
  • “Ok Google” now works also on jellybean.
  • Now the “OK Google” issue in the lockscreen is also fixed.
  • Now you can pick icons from any of the Smart Launcher themes.
  • You can give haptic feedback by long pressing an icon of any category.

  1. It now has new optimizations.

You can download it free of cost from the link below!

If you wish to download it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below!

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