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Shopping Mall Girl - Dress Up & Style Game

Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Game MOD apk

A Shopping Mall game where girls come to Shopping Mall side they buy their needy items and you a gamer play role as a cashier or we can also say a gamer play role as a cash counter manager or it would be perfect to say a Shopping Mall owner who controls the sales delivery and management of Shopping Mall , girls and women are customers in Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Game MOD apk, you know when you visit the city or a Shopping center you have experienced that girls and women are everywhere in Shopping sides it is a common trend ,it is more on the way if that Shopping Mall have shops of women’s needs items like beauty parlor items ladies dresses, ladies shoes, jewelry, and these items are more sold due to its more demand in market rather than if we talk about men shopping needs’ items in the market are over low stage due to its less demand by customers you know I realized  something surprising about women and shopping. Everyone knows it is absolutely right, that women love to shop so, seeing this trend game is designed girls and women by playing a role as  customers and you are a one who has to play role as a cashier, handle out cashier  counter and manage your customer sales and delivery in this Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Game MOD apk . You are an owner of the Shopping Mall when girl customer comes to your shop for having shopping you let your customer taking a shopping cart in hand and that girl customer selects her needs items and put them in the shopping cart when she completes her shopping then she comes toward your cash counter to pay bill payment of purchasing items , now your procedure  of work is to check the price of every goods and item that are in customer cart after doing this total every purchasing items prices on your calculator that is given in game and write receipt paper put it in the hand of customer and receive money a really wonderful shopping game.

General information of Shopping Mall Girl Cashier Game MOD apk

Size: 28 Mb

Offered by: Nutty games studio

Released on: 29 Dec 2017

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Shopping Mall Girl – Dress Up & Style Game


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