Shadowgun Legends 0.8.3 Full Apk + Mod Data Download

Shadowgun Legend MOD Apk

Shadowgun Legend MOD apk

Is a free first-person shooter game that revolves around a mercenary, the word mercenary means a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army, the mercenary in this game is known shadowgun, shadowgun of this game that is a professional killer that is hired for killing to aliens that come from an unknown place. That aliens are called Torment in the game so, wipe out Torment reinforcements , at first of the game ,you have to arrange your shadowgun legend like arranging your shadowgun body structure, hair style, eyes color, head, dress,  shoes, weapon etc, after doing this you have to go slade  and you will get mission and task ,don’t worry that what me should to do next, you will get guidelines in written text with voice in the game as you progress through the game you have to go various planets for operation to clean out Torment (aliens ) but first time you will be able to go only one not at all when you win the task then automatically that planets will be unlocked for you for to go there and clash with enemy, if you win the mission you get reward, when you are fighting with your enemy that come from unknown planet and arrive on your planet earth illegally with weapon and arms so ,you have to defend your planet so,destroy that coming Torment , while fighting with Torment you get sub commandments like ;

Go to weapon and armor shop, get a weapon, take the all generator fuse, place fuse in shoket, use the elevator, wipe out torment reinforcements, when you have completed mission go to slide and claim your reward.

It is so amazing game if you play this game its quickly proved itself an one of the impressive game  ,build your legends , get the tasks complete them and get the rewards, there are more than a hundred missions approximately length of two to three minutes  in Shadowgun Legends there are different  areas and dungeons and various aliens creature with so amazing graphics, when you will try you might feel like you are watching a horror movie or an action movie.

General information of Shadowgun Legends MOD apk

size: unknown

offered by: Madfinger Games

Released on: 22 Mar 2018

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Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK


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