Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk

Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk

Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk
Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk

Is a virtual cooking store game where you can cook different recipes and can provide to your customer and can get reward in form of coins if you provide good cooking service you can earn more and that is your success in this game point of view , this game is something like My Recipe game not pure like that here some different features also like a guideline instructor also which that help to you in cooking delicious food recipes ,it is so best game that wants to learn cooking really academic class of learning cooking recipes ,you can enjoy game and same time can learn cooking specially foody people must play this game and it is gifted  for special females that can improve their cooking skills, fully guidance you can get in this Rising super chef 2 apk game.

How this game work:

In this Rising super chef 2 apk game, there is a female girl that provide cooking service to their customers and earn money ,currency of money is virtual coins same time you consider these coins as a game goals or runs, if you perform best and deal with more and more customers it is your success in this game ,this game instructor help you in cooking that tell you how to cook this recipe ,you can see cooking instructor guidelines in left or right bottom of screen where a mature cooking master woman guides to girl ,how to ell like below words step by step until your recipe dish is ready

Cooking master instructor woman tells something like as

Get the egg

Put the egg on working dash

get a frying pan

put the egg in the frying pan

put the frying pan over oven the and wait 5 min

Your dish is ready and now provide to the customer

After doing this by a female that provides cooking foods, in the reward customer pay to the girl as a reward .In this way your player female earns coins, earning more and more money is the main mission of this Rising super mod game, must download this fantastic game a really virtual cooking learning game you can enjoy and same learn cooking in free.

General information of Rising Super chef 2 MOD apk:

version :: 3.0.3

Size :: 164Mb

Offered by :: Mini Stone game

Released on :: 4 May ,2017

Download Rising Super Chef 2 apk

Link is

Rising Super chef 2 Apk

Rising Super chef 2 MOD Apk


Come quickly boss this game is so useful and get advantage and same make your time pleasant link is above must download and play this game ,this game supported all devices like Android, iOS and Tablet, you know we put every standard and fantastic game on our website this website is serving with regular basis ,always remember that our website address.


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