Real Cricket 18 MOD APK Download for Android

Real Cricket 18 MOD APK

Real Cricket 18 MOD apk

A Cricket game, everybody knows Cricket game stands in the first position when we analyze or measure all over the world famous and popular games, it has millions of followers and fans in all around  world  ,it is game which that equally popular in children and youngsters even every stage age of people like it, This  is the game that got a good reputation in the world . Cricket is an international game where 11 players together make partnership and in this way they build a team of 11 members the same opponent build the same 11 members team and they come to in challenge to each other as team vs team and this game  a bat-and-ball game is  played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the center of which is a 20-meter pitch but this pitch might be longer or shorter and  with a wicket at each end and a large scale extensive ground but i think here no more need to aware you about Cricket because  I know it is an international  popular game and everyone is familiar with it , it is rare that somebody don’t know about it, cause of its popularity ,games developers designed a great Android game so now you are able to play it on your Android as a virtual game ,the beauty of the Real Cricket 18 MOD apk  game is that it matches to the real game, in this game there are outstanding stadiums like , Dubai, Sharjah stadiums where you can see a massive crowd for watching cricket match tournament, stadium’s pitches and boundaries are so well maintained a great crowd , emotional memories,  all the international teams  ,this cricket game has 16 Different World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup and Premier Leagues including the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricket and Caribbean Premier League, unique player faces, wicket keeper and umpires, the best advance decision review system, you can appeal for out or not out, if the weather is not good and chances of raining are more or it is raining then Duckworth Lewis formula will be applied due to these all advance features it seems real Cricket match .

General information of Real Cricket 18 MOD apk

Size: 298Mb

Offered by: Nautilus Mobile

Released on:5on: 2018

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Real Cricket 18 MOD APK


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