Police Cops Duty Action MOD apk

Police Cops Duty Action MOD apk

A  Police Cops role-playing game, taking action against lawbreakers, criminals and robbers, turn the city distress into peace, it is possible if you perform your police cops’ actions against deadly and poisonous and take them into custody, punishing to the lawbreakers ensure that the city is safe and there is no one remains any robber or criminal in the city of the game, honestly perform duty as a cop, sweep and weep out the violator  ,deadly people want to take over on your city land, don’t waste time eradicate these suspects elements, force them to take away, take action immediately don’t leave space behind for them to live in the main city, your first priority is to establish peace in society to live better lives in the city of Police Cops Duty Action MOD apk , your cops should be ready to take action and cordon to catch to the criminals, clean out lawbreakers and turn your city into peace, to do this then first of all you have to be active, alert and ready when you are reported about illegal activity in the city, go to incidental happening place if you see criminals on the spot, arrest them if they have gone so in this situation you have to chase them out , you are given special Police Cars and Bikes so , run your police car or bike by chasing against law violators and attack on them instantly without any delay , hunt them down , every law breaker or law violator should be arrested or killed by police cops, gamer has full control on police cops in the game, sometimes you have to re-arrest the prisoners who had escaped from the jail. Complete all the mission of the game which that is so interesting, use your given powerful vehicles and weapons to make successful operation against criminals, make sure that city is safe and there is no one lawbreaker or killer is behind, give relief to  the citizens to live freely and in a peaceful environment, must play this Police Cops Duty Action MOD apk game once a really great source for entertainment

General information of Police Cops Duty Action MOD apk 

Size: 55 Mb

Offered by: Titanium  Games

Released on on: June,20 7

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