NOVA 3-Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance APK Free Download For Android

Just get set and switch on to this amazing game that is made for the humanity lovers.Just don’t waste your time and start working for the survival of mankind as they badly need a super hero to help them! Enjoy this game in the greatest space shooter on your mobile phone.

You should keep it in mind that this game needs 2 gb of your storge. NOVA 3-Near Orbit alliance has became too much popular in last months and many downloads have been done.
Before four months since Kal ruined completely the volteries’ plans by sabotaging the war factories and ceasing the extraction and production of judger artifacts.Government is worried about the situation that is becoming worse and more worse day by day so they are searching for someone to help them and save them from the civil war. As per President Folsom,they need a protectorate to prevent them from civil war. And he ordered the colonies.
KAL is the saver and the protector who is being called by Yelena on earth to help them. He,Kal Wardin has been lying low since President Folsom’s death but as soon as he got a desperate application from the earth,he had to come! Because a hero was must for the saviour of mankind and humanity!
Humanity came back to earth after many years and fought for their survival.The super hero fought in 10 difficult levels accross the space and turned the earth that was surviving war into a frozen peace volterite city.
You can use different weapons and powers against the opposite forces.You can run,shoot the gun and drive vehicles accross the city and you can also pilot a mech to fight the huge quantity of enemies.You can play in different maps and you can also join the 12 battle players with six different modes.. And now its the first experience then the Allies jump in the sams car and make destructions and try to ruin the space in the battlefield.Now discover the new FPS mark for gameplay and real tine graphics including real time shadow and lights,ragdoll physics,particle system etc. For the fans of nova series,its the most amazing game which includes shooting,rooming around and a lot of action in one game! 

Have fun,here is the download link for downloading it free of cost..


If you wish to purchase it from the google play store,then the link is below

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