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Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters MOD apk

Is game based on a warrior boy, his uncle has left him in his monster ranch, in this time he has a chance to become a monster trainer champion as he has to handle out coming many battles in his way, battles against the worldwide players in the game. There are 6 challenging leagues and over 140 side quests for to defeat. Build your team of monsters for to invincible and become champion in the Neo Monsters. There is a whole world to explore ,you can capture all kind of creatures so , go your uncle’s ranch which that he has left behind for you so, train your monsters squad for battlefields, choose the right monster for right battles, learn more to be successful so required moves  how to turn that change your battles into victories, you have to capture and  nearly about 1000 monsters in the game for your uncle ranch. Hunting of various species of animals (monsters) and then train to them is your work or mission in this game, you have a rule as a trainer, they will learn new skills perfect one by you. For to do this you will have to explore vast world where you will have to face a number of enemies  and evolve to defeat them and become a champion of monster trainer, after training your monsters to participate in up to 16 leagues to become a champion in the game get victories in the game leagues and become a winner,

Features of Neo Monsters mod apk

.Build your collection of monsters, capture and evolve over 1000 fully animated monsters

.Train your monsters and collect evolution ingredients to create ultimate power

.Build the ultimate team up to 16 monsters

.Explore multiple islands  and dungeons,

.Become champion and qualify in six leagues

.Follow the story to uncover the truth behind your late uncle’s atrocity

This game so awesome has fun, very addictive and has best graphics, this reminds Pokemon for the first time, easy to play has great gameplay, unique monsters, and great time killer must play this game hope that you would like it.

General information of Neo Monsters

Size: 92 Mb

Offered by: NTT Resonant Inc

Released on: 11Apr, 2016

Download Neo Monsters mod apk


Neo Monsters Apk

Neo Monsters MOD Apk


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