Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Free Download

Minecraft is a great game attracting players from all over the world. From the starting day this game gained alot of success and millions of downloads have been done. But this is a paid app that is the reason many people who cannot afford to purchase this app from the paid markets are not able to play this amazing tour game.. A lot more is added to the new update of pocket version of minecraft.. A whole new design and a great variety of bars.
There are more minecarts,more rails and powered rails in the game now.
The distance of view has been greatly increased as you will see that in the options.
Completely new textures,great colors and blocks are added as these were in the desktop version.
There are now more wood types,more new carpets,very new blocks,the new hay bales,iron bars and a lot more is now added to the update of the minecraft pocket version.
There is a whole new variety of crops,more types of food containing beetroot,carrots,potatoes and the pumpkins.
A lot more items and blocks can now be used in the creative mode of the game.
Completely new breeding and Al
This update includes a new creative inventory with tabs
Effects are very much improved and foggy effects are also added now..
This is paid app but we are providing a free download.. you can download from the link below..
if you wish to purchase it from google play than the link is given below.

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