McAfee Antivirus Free APK Download For Android

McAfee mobile security protects your device with its award winning performance.It is basically from the intel group.You can upgrade to avail the best phone support,security and a promotion free app environment.. It has the most outstanding features that i am going to describle below.Have a look and decide for yourself if its worth a try or not.

Talking about privacy,Multi user app profiles-restrict access to your apps by using one of the three profiles provides by the app profile feature to create safe zone feature for your kids,friends and family and hide your app stuff from the people you want to hide it from.
Its App lock feature provides perfect privacy as it locks your app and give you the utterly safe feeling.
It scans all your apps and reports about apps that may expose your data without your consent including the exposure posed by mobile ad libraries.
You can easily block the unwanted calls and sms that are annoying or other reason with its Call blocker and SMS filter.

  • CaptureCam silently takes a photo of the person holding your phone and emails the photo to you in case pf lost or theft along with the location.
  • Its SOS feature automatically saves the last location of your phone before its out of battery.
  • It also prevent your data from misuse or any other theft by remotely locking it down.
  • It remotely wipes all of your data or reset your phone to the default factory settings.
  • It also preserve your data,contacts and SMS on demand and transfers them to the other device.
  • You can track the location of your phone when its lost and see the detailed location on map and even send a text to prompt its return.
  • It also initiates an remote alarm to locate your device if it’s hiding nearby.
  • You can now stop a theif from having access to your apps and even uninstalling them.
  • It remotely manges your phone security from one central,easy to use web portal or even via sms texts using any smartphone or a tablet.
The complete security needed for a mobile device. Download this ideal security app from the link below! 


If you wish to download it from Google Play Store,then the link is below.


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