Mall Cop Duty Arrest Virtual Officer Games

Mall Cop Duty Arrest Virtual Officer Games MOD apk

A game about duty of a police officer in a biggest Shopping Mall center  ,if you had a chance to visit in Dubai or Paris Shopping Mall area then it is sure that you have seen how expensive areas are these Shopping Malls what kind of convenient stuff is being sold in these expensive Shopping centers and mostly rich people move to these shopping Malls because every item is so expensive and costly so, it is rare that a poor go to these like Shopping sides so everything is being sold of daily life use but with high rates but quality of product is very best and outstanding that is why rates are not much high if we compare with products standard ,as the Shopping Mall is in big mass so there are some needs to manage it’s working because just only a single owner can’t run this Shopping Mall due to its big volume so, there are hundreds of servants and worker work in that outstanding big Shopping Mall center where all type products of daily life use are being sold in massive, so there are some needs of workers to manage this Shopping Mall ,so in this game you are chosen as a worker in Shopping Mall management team, you will play role of a cop (Police officer) as a member of management team, you know there is must need of a cop for such like that places so, you are a police officer in this game, you have to perform duty actively as a Mall cop. You know Shopping Mall is a busy place and there are many robbers and thieves roaming around so keep close eyes on these like people especially keep eyes on suspects these like people might put at risk to your Shopping Mall as there are chances to be robbery are more so, as you are a cop of Mall it is your responsibility to keep safe from criminals  and steelers  arrest them and punish and keep everything safe secure in Shopping Mall, this is very having fun type game, perform the duty as a policeman .

General information of Mall Cop Duty Arrest Virtual Officer Games MOD apk

Size: 80 Mb

Offered by: Roadster Inc

Released on: 9 Apr 2018

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