Lost Island MOD apk

Lost Island MOD apk

A puzzle solving game where you have to discover the mystery and secrets of the island when you solve the puzzle box then you become able to put new items and a variety of things on your island, your island now is empty , blank lifeless and emotionless so that’s why we say that it is lost, by the history we got it that it was in the past very pretty and too beautiful so you have to return it back in those its glory days when it was so beautiful and full of natural environment , your responsibility is to restore its beauty, discover its beauty by solving the puzzle if you solve successfully puzzle automatically your lost island  will come to back its previous beauty and material   ,create your own beautiful island ,convert empty and blank places of island into good looking green grassy & gardens grow there tall trees  ,pput the benches under that trees to create more beauty and change it to look so gorgeous solve more and more puzzle boxes with your friends to give your island more beauty , develop and build wooden house to live and make your lost island a palace ,the control of your lost island is in your hand it depends on you how you create a unique and magical environment, construct, build and customize buildings, ponds, gardens, bridge and much more use here your creative mind to bring unbelievable beauty again in your ruin lost island like it was first, restore the beauty and decoration piece and new items and you can walk here and there in this paradise island in search of ancient secrets and mysteries , explore entire stunning island and uncover its past history of lost island’s beauty and recover its glory days and its beauty back again , come again make it heaven, as it was in the past, go in the lost island, make there new friends and fellows solve together challenging blast puzzle to make the game’s lost island a masterpiece to live in your dreamy land where every where peace and mind blowing decorated environment by your own wishes by your own customization , live in your island a peaceful life and a big source of your heart pleasure , this is a totally fun having game , have fun and enjoy a lot a real mind blowing and addictive game that make you addictive and force you to spend more and more time to be entertain , 3D graphic effects a very fantastic game.

General information of Lost Island MOD apk 

Size: 88 Mb

Offered by: Plarium Global LTD

Released on: 6 Jun,2018

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