Lost Island Adventure MOD apk

Lost Island Adventure MOD apk

An adventure game where your journey is to find out the lost island that is demolished and came down under the water but now it is reported by someone that it rises and now it is visible on the surface of the water of sea but problem is that you don’t know where is that island appeared in the surface of unlimited sea, you have no idea about lost island exact location but you are one of crazy explorer and discovery master, you don’t want to miss this chance and opportunity, you take a boat for traveling over deeply and unlimited seawater to find out lost island about what you are so curious so you want to discover this lost island which was sometimes in past your a beloved one island but unluckily that was lost due to some disturbance of circumstances but now you have decided to find out it again to rebuild and restore it in the previous form as it was  one of the beautiful islands of the world  ,you start your journey of discovery of your lost island  ,you take the boat but unfortunately when covering some distance in sea of water you feel some disturbance in water which that is alarm of danger from time to time this increases and one of moment your boat come to crash this is the time when your game mission begins and that time you find yourself in trouble as there your boat comes near to crash so that time in the game when you are trapped of water there  will have been growing tension and you will be worried about your lives but you have to tackle out with intelligence mind, if you can swim then leave the boat before the boat crash , wear swimming suits  and swim on surface of sea water to safe your life and try to keep eyes around all sides when you see risen lost island on the huge water of sea, if you detect lost island  then move towards lost island and achieve your goal and same time make sure your life safe and secure when you become successful to find out it so your next target is to restore its beauty back , construct it again , rebuild it , repair the effected buildings if the buildings had been demolished or come down then rebuild and repair them , start new construction projects on this island .A really amazing adventure game, good graphics effects, beautiful and dazzling island, a very natural environment is given in the game so must play this amazing Lost Island Adventure MOD apk game.

General information of Lost Island Adventure MOD apk 

Size: 30 Mb

Offered by: Meyume

Released on :26 Feb ,2014

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