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Google Play Exclusive Event Preview for Chinese Valentine’s Day
Event Time:2014/07/30 – 2014/08/06 =
Triple Your Value for Chinese Valentine’s Day
During the event, if you purchase 442 mojos entered from the certain page, besides the original 442 mojos, you will receive 900 bound mojos for the next 30 days, which is more than twice of your purchase and that equals to triple your purchase. How will you get the rebate? After your purchase, you will receive the first rebate package at once. You will receive 30 bound mojos per day if you log in the game for the next 29 days. (Tips: each player can only have once change of taking advantage of this event; 2. the single purchase needs to reach the certain amount then it will be regards as taking part of this event; 3. If you do not log in the game during the 30 days, then you will not receive the mojos that day; 4. If the event ends the next day, it is still eligible for the next 30 days; 5. You will receive the second pack 24 hours after you receive the first one.)

  • Invite friends for awesome gifts!

1.Anytime a new player uses your Invitation Code to register they will get an Invitee gift pack!

2.You’ll receive an Inviter Pack containing resources and spar for the first 10 friends that register with your code.

3.When your invitees reach levels 10, 20,and 30, you’ll get gift packs, with the higher packs containing mojo, spar, and materials! No limit on these latter packs, so get inviting!

5,000,000+ downloads. Rated 5/5 by 95% of users.

The best 3D strategic game, COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY. Draw your sword, pick your hero, expand your territory in a fight with millions of players worldwide.
It’s time to join Little Empire! You are not only the king of this land, but also the designer of your kingdom. Come with your friends, declare war against your foes, join alliances and fight for your people.
“This game is extremely AWESOME…!”
“Excellent job on the graphics and the gameplay, I really like this game because i can create my own empire and battle agaist other players. This apps is very addicted and very smart.”
 Game Features

  • First mobile game to use advanced skeletal animation techniques;
  • More fun and surprises with tactical formations;
  • 3 different heroes to choose from, each with different magic and spells. You can also arrange two heroes on the battlefield together, assisting one another;
  • 12 units either reinforce or neutralize each other, and as you level up, you can evolve your units with special spells;
  • Hundreds of buildings can be dotted with and reinforce your own kingdoms; 
  • Become a legendary dragon slayer, defeating Medusa, the dragon Dorck, and other bosses.
Download this game from the link below!

If you wish to purchase it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below!

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