Hungry Crocodile Simulator Attack MOD apk

Hungry Crocodile Simulator Attack MOD apk

Is a food hunting game, revolves around a hungry Crocodile who lives in the sea and always feels hunger so there is a need to get prey to fulfill its need of a meal, there are many preys that can be taken as a meal for Crocodile for to fulfilling its quench of hunger, it is responsibility of gamer that must manage the food (prey) for his character that is a Crocodile living in an unlimited sea which that is so huge and deep, as there are fishes in the sea so make your crocodile hunt and catch the fishes that are massive in countless numbers in the sea so your crocodile that is a character or we can say that is your player so that crocodile can manage its hunger but little bit not more as that is an animal having big size of body indeed there is need of much quantity of meal so you need to know you have to manage more extra food for your crocodile so as control of your crocodile in your hand so make your crocodile hunt more and more fishes and others sea animals that are living in the sea, moreover you can hunt down the people that are walking on the beach it would be good enough source of survival  and fulfill its desire  ,you know how it is possible to alive without necessary food our body gain energy through food which we eat in daily life properly without any missing day or food timing and it is truth without meal there is death if we don’t take food a long period of time so there is must need to manage the food for survival of life same in the game , there is a task of survival of your crocodile living in a deep sea it is possible when you make your crocodile attack toward people , toward other sea animals and toward fishes in this way crocodile will hunt them down which creatures I have mentioned above they are prey of your crocodile , moreover your crocodile can attack over the boats in the sea and can get extra meal.

General information of Hungry Crocodile Simulator Attack MOD apk

Size: 50 Mb

Offered by: Build Solid

Released on: 31 May 2018

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