Hempire Weed Growing Game MOD APK UNLMITED MONEY 1

Hempire Weed Growing Game MOD

Hempire weed is an eventual weed growing game. It provides very green-friendly and realistic environment .It is developed by LBC Studios Inc. It was officially launched on April 13, 2017. This game involves the whole methodology of weed growing. Hempire weed features real life brands, a tribute to marijuana icons and the proper and best way to grow weed by providing different tools that are used professionally.

Hempire Weed Growing Game MOD
Hempire Weed Growing Game MOD

In this game, you must have to harvest the plants first then you have to breed new and unusual strains, you can make friends and enemies as well in this game. Regarding to the game victory, you can also take back the control of your undivided home city. Hempire weed has a specific story on each stage. This game is near to the role-playing game. This game is very addictive game. You should be ready to meddle with the unscrupulous police officer and devious business while helping the old ladies to bake the brownies, cakes and stuff like that.

To grow the real life cannabis strain in the game, the player will have to use the lab and procreate and come across the newly grown strains. Crafts that are harvested extracts like the hash and break and the eat able like the brownies and the cookies. The player can easily customize the grow up with new equipments. The player will have to complete the deals that are given in the game to unlock new features. The player can also generate revenue by selling the product and investing in the business to develop his own city.

This game comes up with the multiplayer feature, you can compete against the player to get the highest quality weed trophy in Hempire weed.

In the Hempire weed growing game MOD APK UNLMITED MONEY 1.21.1, there are some premium features added which you can enjoy it for free. There areinfinite money from which you can purchase any item of your choice in this game. You can buy high quality weed for free of cost. There are infinite diamonds in this mod of the game which is also used to enjoy some premium services in the game for free. Unlimited keys in this mod is provided to the player to facilitate regarding all aspects for In-App purchases. Karma is also unlimited in this game and it is very important and interesting feature in the hempire weed growing game. Moreover, the VIP mode is on in this game, so other players also can find you a professional player that will definitely defines your personality and rank.

How to get APK?

This game is available on Google Play Store for free of cost. But there are many In-App purchases from which you can buy coins to get cats. The Hempire weed growing game MOD APK Unlimited Money v1.21.1, provides you a facility to enjoy all of the premium feature for free of cost. It provides unlimited money from which you can buy any strain of your choice without spending a single penny. To enjoy this feature, simply follow the steps which are given below

1) Go to ‘Apkdiamond.com

2) Type in search box ‘Hempire weed growing game MOD APK UNLMITED MONEY 1.21.1’

3) Click on the first content after the search.

4) Click on ‘Download Now’

5) Install this app in your android device.

6) Enjoy all the premium feature of this game for free.


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Hempire Weed Growing Game APK

Hempire Weed Growing Game MOD APK

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