Helicopter Simulator Rescue Force Emergency Team MOD apk

Helicopter Simulator Rescue Force Emergency Team MOD apk

Is a mission having game , that has a specific mission as to bring up civilian community from a storm, from sea , from snow , different types of traps in which people are trapped so your mission is to pull up through a helicopter which that provides Emergency life-saving service to the people that are in trapped, a best addictive missions and tasks task having game , accept the challenges and get ready to bring up people from the traps , you are a pilot of a powerful helicopter that provides airlifting service to the victims  ,a great task and same time a great duty for humanity as to take out the people, who are in trapped, from the range of the storm, when someone becomes a prey of storm that time that man be helpless and hopeless he /she considers himself/herself near to death and the fear of storm makes someone’s blood run cold, in this situation you have to help to the victim , you know helping others makes us happy and moreover it is our responsibility to do someone a favor if someone is under the weather , this cooperation among the people create a strong relationship with each other so go ahead  and do a favour for those who are facing trouble of storm that storm, or disturbance might be on any farm like sea, snow falling or high rate wind so provide airlift through your helicopter and lift up civilian trapped group in storm , rescue them bring them out a peaceful and comfortable place where no tension and no stress . This game provides you the best squad of soldiers that are fully trained to face any obstacle and hurdle even it is so difficult to overcome on that but the game professional soldiers have ideas to resolve any issue they can easily rescue to someone that is under the storm ,I will recommend you to play the game to test your capability of facing challenges . There are multiple missions and tasks which you have to perform successfully  these tasks as an air-lifter

General information of Helicopter Simulator Rescue Force Emergency Team MOD apk

Size: 37Mb

Offered by: Kool games

Released on :3 Aug 2018

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