Google Play Store Modded Version Latest APK Free Download For Android

Modded Google play store is similar to google play store but differs in some features that are more reliable for the apps downloaded from other sources. This is an android market that your phone must have!
Some of its key features are as follows.

  • Normally, Google play store does not approve the license verification for the applications downloaded from other sources and also do not approve the free key that you get from the other source. Unlike google play store, modded google play approves the license verification even if you are offline and now you are free of the license verification thing!


  • Google play store usually automatically update itself but unlike google play store, modded google play does not update itself automatically.


  • Normally if you buy any paid application from google play, you can refund your payment within fifteen minutes and the app you recently installed will be uninstalled from your device but in Modded google play, you can refund your payment and you will also get the application installed in your device.


  • Things to remember are that your device must be rooted and you can not refund your payment using the billing method as you can not hack in-app purchases but you can use the ‘refund payment’ trick to get the apps installed and also getting the payment refunded.
Amazing features that make it this reliable that every user who experience this, loves it! With modded google play, you can download the paid apps freely and you are now free of the license verification issue!
You can get this amazing app from the link below!

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