Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise MOD apk

Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise MOD apk

    Hotel hostess job experience game, here you are going to play the role of a hotel hostess girl that serve the people with delicious foods, your game character is a girl that is a hotel hostess and serve the customers that come to the hotel for having breakfast, lunch, and dinner so welcoming and greeting with customers is included in your duty but not only this you have to ask about customers choice that what they want what they need in their meal it is up to you how do you treat, with them and fulfill their needs, you know you are a hotel hostess in a big hotel in the city that is so popular and that is well known due to its delicious and appetite dishes of foods ,Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise MOD apk very interesting game you can perform multiple tasks here like, check in guests in the hotel, perform many different roles in the hotel, bring people to correct floor and room that was booked by them, serve food to people to on their rooms , play many different roles like a professional hotel hostel, clean up swimming pole and relax , play and explore all hotel rooms ,prepare variety of drinks, prepare coffee and tea for guests , first you have to welcome them with smiling face, first greeting and then ask about their desired dishes that what kind of dishes they would like to eat in their meals  clean up guests bedrooms and bathrooms and also have to help in the gym, cooking foods and preparing drinks are your main jobs in the game , hardworking , treating best and welcoming these are overall your tasks which that you have to do nice, the reputation of the hotel is due to you , it is up to you that how do you play a significant role to become your restaurant one of the most popular in the worldwide hotel and restaurants, this game is so colorful where a beautiful girl perform beautiful job with beautiful manners hope that you would like it at all,

General information of Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise MOD apk

Size: 97 Mb

Offered by : Girl games, Vasco games

Released on : 15 Jan,2018

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