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WHAT IS Appvn?

A third-party app shop called Appvn sells android apps, including ones that the PlayStore no longer carries. It provides a variety of software categories, including Apps, Ebooks, Movies, Ringtones, Games, Comics, Backgrounds, and Gifts, much like any other app shop.

Tired of your Android device’s default Play Store? With our Appvn App Store for Android substitute for the Google Play store, you may explore the huge universe of Android apps.

In essence, it’s just another app shop with greater freedom and a huge selection of programs not found on the Play shop. However, it goes without saying that those apps won’t be certified by Play Protect, so use caution while downloading from external app stores.

The fact that this app store is absolutely free to download and use makes it stand out above the competition. The advantage of this app shop is that it keeps adding the most popular apps that have just been released to its play


Features of Appvn App Store;-

The UI of Appvn is straightforward, user-friendly, and clean, and it offers two distinct search possibilities. You may either browse by category or type the name of the app you’re searching for into the search field. Apps, EBooks, movies, ringtones, games, comics, wallpapers, and gifts are among them.

The fact that you can locate the most recent versions of the hottest games and applications is the nicest part. even before they are published online, at times. Additionally, Appvn continuously updates its own software with the most recent game and app versions.

Another significant point that has to be mentioned is that practically all of the apps available on Appvn are free. Your favorite apps and games, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many Launcher Apps, are updated and made easier to download.

Keep in mind that you consent to Appvn’s requests for access when you install the programs. For certain devices, adding apps from unknown sources even necessitates extra permissions. For Appvn to be able to install the desired applications, this process is necessary.

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Technical file information

    • Package name:
    • Version:
      9.9.8a (200)
    • File size:
      12.2 MB
    • Updated:
      March 15, 2023


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