Farmville 2 Country Escape MOD APK Unlimited Coins Download

FarmVille 2 Country Escape MOD APK

Farmville 2 Country Escape MOD APK

FarmVille 2 Country Escape MOD APK

Farmville 2 is a farming game which is also a social networking game. It was developed by. This game was first released on April 10, 2014 on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. Farmville 2 can be also played offline but this feature was not available in previous version of Farmville. It is one of the most astonishing game that is found on Google Play. Farmville 2 comes up with striking graphics which makes this game more attractive.

The game play of Farmville 2 MOD APK unlimited coins is same as like of its previous version. The player will have to transform a unyielding and empty farm into a great prosperous and lively farm. In order to make your farm prosperous, you can create structures like windmills, storage sheds, gardens and you can raise a large number of animals. The game play of Farmville involves farm management like the player have to plow, plant and grow, harvest the land and much more.


In Farmville 2 country escape MOD APK 11.2.2880, there you can found unlimited key. You can craft many baked gourmet goods in this game. The player can harvest crops of his favorite fruits and vegetables. The farm in this game is totally customization. You will explore a new story in every farm adventure. As it a social networking game, so you can chat with your friends and chat to anonymous person in this game from all over the world. In coast, you can send free water by connecting through your Facebook. In this game, you can earn a daily reward by the Mystery and the spin wheel which gives you prizes. In this game mod, the player can win a turkey cat in 30 days. The player can advance to five phases to earn padlock and much more. It is comes up with the offline feature so you can play it anywhere and anytime without the internet.

A player may also purchase or get from friend livestock and trees or bushels, for example, cherry trees or chickens, which don’t wither however rather turned out to be prepared to harvest for preset measures of cash a set measure of time from their last collect. Trees and domesticated animals can’t be killed.

How to get APK?

Farmville 2 country escape mod apk unlimited coins is free to play on Google Play Store. You can download it form there but it will include in app purchases like for keys you have to pay. But the mod and version 11.2.2880 provide you a feature of unlimited key so you can purchase anything in this game for free and send the free waters. You can enjoy all premium feature of this game without spending a single penny by just following the steps below:

1) Visit the website ‘link below

2) Search for the content ‘Farmville 2 country escape v11.2.2880’

3) Open the first shown up game.

4) Click on ‘Download Now’ button.

5) Install this game into your android device.

6) Enjoy the game and its premium feature for free.

Download Link:

Farmville 2 Country Escape APK

Farmville 2 Country Escape MOD APK

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