Emergency Ambulance Simulator MOD apk

Emergency Ambulance Simulator MOD apk 

Is a game of saving lives of the injured people by driving your Emergency Ambulance  ,reaching on the spot, rush the injured persons, those are got victim of accident as in our daily life we heard the sad news  , unfortunately, multiple hundred and thousands of accidents take place in the world , so  ,seeing these rates of accidents there are built up many Emergency Ambulance services to save the lives of the people that are affected by unexpected accidents which that take place without any notice every day in daily life ,so, these Emergency Ambulances playing a role of safety of lives so, you are a part of this department and your duty is to help the injured by bringing the injured people to the hospital immediately for treatment, you know you are a driver of an Emergency Ambulance Service, drive your Ambulance to drop the victims ,you know you have a sensitive officiate as you are representative of an organization that have duty to help the injured and wounded people by bringing them to the hospital on time in this way as  you are a driver of an Ambulance   so you have to be all time alert and you have to reach those places where accident happing , take victim into Ambulance and quickly run your Ambulance to rush the victim on time on the hospital that may help to save a precious life  , the best thing about the game is that you have no need to worry about hospital location , everything is clear and described you clearly ,you are directed to reach on the hospital easily ,there is an arrow sign that helps you to move your Ambulance to the correct and clear direction  ,save the lives of injured more in the return get more and more regards as coins and bonus, a best Emergency driving simulator game, must play this once that will force you to play more time so addictive game.

General information of Emergency Ambulance Simulator MOD apk 

Size: 42 Mb

Offered by: SkisoSoft

Released on:1 May, 2018

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