Edjing Premium PRO APK Free Download For Android

Edjing has been awarded the best app of the year in 2013 as it is the best dj app on the play store which allows you to mix and make your tracks and share them on your social media sites directly from the app and show your friends the perfect mix you can make. More than 11 million people have already downloaded edjing and it has millions of users worldwide who love Edjing and gave the best reviews. Now you can mix like a pro as it offers a complete DJ tool with the perfect and professional sound quality.
Edjing is standing and maintaining its position in the market not only because it is a successful app but also a very smooth running app providing lots of effects.
Some of its key features are as follows.
  • You can prepare your transition in advance.
  • There is TK filter to play with the resonance frequencies of your sounds.
  • It has auto-scratch option.
  • Supports double flipping.
  • Reverse.
  • Reverbs.
  • Gate.
  • It has TK oscillator.
  • Bliss.
  • Phaser.
  • It has a resonator.
  • Echo.
  • Loops.
Along with these features,you can also enjoy unlimited access to your library.
  • You can mix the SoundCloud catalog with the entire Deezer music catalog.
  • It has two turntables and crossfader to get pro transitions.
  • Supports BPM synchronization.
  • It has a wide sound spectrum for optimized beat localization.
  • You can automatically view loop from the spectrum.
  • You can record up to an hour of mixing.
  • There is an auto mix feature for transitions between tracks.
  • You can mix the mp3 files for an hour.
  • There is a neon skin for electrifying tables.
  • There is a cool 90s touch with ghettoblaster.
It is generally compatible with Android 4.0 and later.
It requires 3.6″ & upper screen.
It requires a recommended Ram size that is 1 GB.
You can download edjing Pro free of cost from the link below. Follow the link and be the PRO DJ !!
If you wish to download it from the Google Play Store, then the link is given below.

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