Dolphin Browser Free APK Download For Android

Dolphin browser is the most popular mobile browser that has been downloaded on 100000000 android and iOS devices.This browser has made surfing the internet so easy with its advanced features.Its voice,smooth touch and gesture features are wonderful and is far better than Google chrome and Mozilla.It has faster updates and more efficiently fix issues than any other browser.It is the number one browser on the play stores.Dolphin browser has made it very easy to surf the web with its personalized home screen.. It works very smoothly and quickly and you feel at home with this amazing browser.. Its features are described below,you will definitely love to download it and you’d never regret installing dolphin!

Its gesture feature is very useful and easy that you can create any gesture that you mostly use and access the web with those gestures.
Sonar is also an amazing feature of dolphin as it allows you to use voice controls to search,you can share on your social sites with this feature,bookmark your loved sites and navigate.
One click share feature allows you to share any content and share it to facebook or twitter or save the content to the box or evernote.
Now there is no need to run between the screens as now browsing has been made easy to surf as if you are on your desktop.
Three add-ons are pre added in the side bar and you can add much more add-ons to make it easy for you to do your most done tasks at your fingertips.Add-ons allow you to add above 60 add-ons to your browser to work that efficiently into your browser.
Dolphin connects you and made a handsome relation with the internet syncing your surfing history and the saved passwords.Moreover,you can have easily access across Android,iPad,iPhone and all the desktop browsers including mozilla,chrome and safari.
Add your most visited websites in your homescreen like speed dials and organize them easily with few clicks and have access to the most loved websites.
Dolphin makes you feel at home with its themes,skins and colour ranges to design it the way you love it and make dolphin your own browser.
Dolphin’s own all new Web app store that provides 200 web applications including the most popular ones like facebook,twitter and amazon and much much more.You can select from different apps and enjoy the most popular apps.
You can send links to devices,send maps,phone contacts,share the videos and more from your desktop yo your phone and also from your phone to desktop with dolphin browser for android.
Its WIFI broadcast feature is more reliable and you can share links with the wifi networks nearby.

You can download it from the link below! Enjoy the most amazing browser!

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