Doctor Mania – Fun Games MOD apk

Doctor Mania – Fun Games MOD apk

A game all about medical checkup and treatment of an injured victim or any Kind of disease suffering patient ,all the medical tactics that are tested and done to recover the health of a patient ,what are you a medical student if your answer is in yes then this game is gifted to do practical medical work in the form of playing game ,it is so glade experience that you play game and same time you get experience of treatment of a patient as you are a student of a medical field how much this game is for you, you can learn here medical related some knowledge that can increase your understanding medical field ,you can learn here in this game that how to treat and cure to a patient that gets sick, illness or receive injuries, you know you are going to be a doctor in this game and you will treat and behave like a professional doctor that check up and look after the suffering people so this game is a testament for you and you can examine your medical skill that what you know and what is missing in your knowledge which that you take into consideration in this way you can get more knowledge and tactics of medical field and you will be able to know how this work , you will be able to know that how to do a successful check up of a patient and how to restore its health regain in normal condition, in this Doctor Mania – Fun Games MOD apk game you have to deal with many patients and each patient is suffering in different disease so here prove yourself a professional doctor that can understand every disease and is master to handle it out so when you see a patient condition that time you have need to go back in wisdom and try to find out suffering patient treatment solution, please avoid to do wrong check up which is not relevant to the disease of the patient first you have to think carefully what the medical check up tools can be used here in this game for patient check up, if you use wrong or irrelevant tools for check up this absolutely will be dangerous and harmful, so, do ,relevant to disease, check up after doing it , give the medicine to the suffer or injured man after having taken medicine  ,you will see and realize recovery of health of the injured or suffer man  if you do perfect check up in the result patient come to recover his/ her health otherwise you will never notice any change in health of victim so  ,here you should have minimum knowledge of  first aid box use as we give first aid quickly when anyone get injured or receive wounds  ,this is totally fun having game.

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Size : 28 Mb

Offered by: K3games

Released on: 7 Oct 2015

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