Desert Birds Hunting and Shooting MOD apk

Desert Birds Hunting and Shooting MOD apk

A game that reminds the hobby of the king of the ancient era what you got it that what about the hobby I’m saying? Surely you have understood what is the hobby that was a favorite  for ancient kings, absolutely that was hunting and shooting hobby, the kings of ancient liked it and managed it entire life to have entertainment moments, this is the hobby for spending sometime delightful and memorable it helps to relax your mind  ,it gives you pleasure , so this game is addictive if you really love hunting, a best 3D thrilling game, in this game you can use shotgun that specially designed for hunting that is something different with compare to Rifle as it is designed to fire for short range to shoot birds and animal down, go to hunting places like jungle or deserted area but if you go to desert area that is the best place for hunting, in the game when you reach a certain place like a jungle or a deserted area then next job is to explore your prey I mean explore those birds or animals which that you want to shoot, in this game when you go deserted area there are many numbers of birds mostly you can see there eagles and falcons ,so when you see an eagle be active and be ready to shoot it down but it is not a someone cup of tea there is required hunting, shooting skill , what are you a master in setting exact point for targeting  ,set the target in less time maintain it and shoot quickly otherwise your prey will be disappeared, challenge yourself and prove that you are the best hunter that can hunt more and number of birds in less limited time, try your best complete all the levels it is possible if you shoot all wild birds with exact target avoid missing the target if you miss your target, again and again, you can lose the game entirely. Make a tour in a deserted place not in your imagination but in reality we got a wonderful desert wild birds hunting game for you.

General information of Desert Birds Hunting and Shooting MOD apk 

Size: 21 Mb

Offered by: RS Games Studio

Released on: 9 Mar 2018

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