Criminal Case Mysteries of Past MOD apk

Criminal Case Mysteries of Past MOD apk 

An investigating game, this game is something different to other other investigation games as it gives you a mission to handle out the series of murder cases that were done in the past in the 19th century not current or present time murder case investigation game that is wonderful thing if you solve the mystery of the past which that is known difficult thing it will be a great achievement if you solve it successfully under the deep investigation process it will help to arrest suspects and target killers , this game is really really amazing in its adventure , a really full of adventure game , solve the mystery case of murders of the past doing investigation and inquiry  ,bring the doubtful and suspicious people for further questioning if they are having misgivings about murder information then take them in terrible investigation and try to make them speak truth and reality if you find anyone suspect then send it to jail , arrest all suspicious first arrange further questioning after doing this solve this mystery that who is real suspect of the past murder when you get someone who had committed this murder then send it to jail for punishment  ,this is harder to solve this type of cases typically but if you try to solve it carefully with your energetic mind it comes to easy to find out killer of the murder .In this Criminal Case Mysteries of Past MOD apk game, interrogate suspicious people and solve this blast puzzles but make sure you are going to investigate the case on right way, don’t make here misunderstanding, first collect all the evidence and clues, get the information that helps you to detect the crime.Go the city on the spot of crime scene analyse them ,interrogate the suspects and witnesses in this way bring the target killer to justice and according to the law take the killer into custody and captivity  ,prove yourself the best investigator officer hunt the killers of the innocents, hunt all the suspects who committed this bloody act, take them all into custody and punish them fulfill the law requirements, in this game you are going to play an investigator role , what are you ready to do that? What are you ready to solve these sensitive and complicated cases of the past to uncover truth and reality behind these murder cases, it would be a very interesting experience for and you would like it , must play this amazing game.

General information of Criminal Case Mysteries of Past MOD apk 

Size: 68 Mb

Offered by: Pretty Simple

Released on :21 Feb,2018

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