Criminal Case MOD apk

Criminal Case MOD apk

A crime investigation game in this game you have to play a very very sensitive role to solve a big case as a murder case that is not a tea of cup someone there is required an intelligent and strong mind a just creative mind can solve case theory , this game is very interesting it needs of your full attention then you are able to play this game otherwise no avail here in Criminal Case MOD apk game you have to solve this mystery that who is behind this murder, trace the suspects it is given you a very very complicated case , prove yourself a world class best investigator and intelligent man you know everyone has idea and know that solving a murder case is not easy matter there required an energetic mindset and no a common can solve this matter there required one of the best investigator officers that must be professional in this field, what are you one of them? I mean you are one of the best investigator or tracer who take no time to solve mystery and complicated and this type of sensitive cases if you are one of them then prove yourself a best murder crime investigator a professional man  ,this is very hard task is given to you by the game, so in this game we will see what are you really one of the world-class best investigators, at the beginning of the  Criminal Case MOD apk game , game provide you some hints and after getting these hints you have to start your further investigation , find out first time victim body take it to the hospital and get the service of a doctor who will help you to point out the case situation and might be helpful in taking the name of suspects in your murder suspects names’ list in this way you will get more hints in your wisdom that will increase to become aware of the murder mystery through the senses and will help to be good judgment. Build a team of investigator from doctors , policemen and people who give the witness after doing this you will be able to solve this murder case but before this collect the tools and items that was involved and used especially find out first that weapon or tool that was used in the killing of the victim but you will decide it after seeing the victim body wound and doctor hints, this is the game that has a very complicated mission but it depends on you how you handle out them, game has hundred of murder case which that is waiting for the best investigator officer like you, must play this game .

General information on Criminal Case MOD apk  

Size: 65Mb

Offered by : Pretty Simple

Released on :15 April, 2015

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