Commando Fury Cover Fire -Action game MOD apk

Commando Fury Cover Fire -Action game MOD apk

Is an action game like based on  action movie  this game is all about to defeat the enemy forces becoming a commando man the best target shooter a world-class battlefield star  ,what you have the qualities as a trained command have or you want to be a commando man if your answer yes then absolutely this game is a best inspiration and encouragement for you moreover if you are one of them who like shooting games this  is a best first-person shooting game with outstanding gameplay and very colorful with great graphics effects, aiming your rifle on your targets hunt them down and clear the region, when you will be fighting while you will be given tasks from time to time as when you will complete each one of them and every next task will be so surprising and tasty that will help to retain your interest up to at the end of the game , you will get the tasks like as * there are 6 targets hit them out and clear the region * there is airbase of enemy destroy it and clear the region and more something like that commands you will get that will be shown on your android screen fulfill that commands and go ahead until you become successful to clean out the enemy soldiers and clear the region from enemy, dominate enemy forces and be succeeded in warfare,use your weapons but don’t miss the bullets actually this game gives hard to task to its player to maintain time and weapons bullets limitation as here you will find limited weapons and bullets but time to time when you will be at progress your weapons collection and quantity of bullets will be increased but if you make good efforts and good performance otherwise never, make sure your survival as a last standing man of this fighting game prove yourself a fighter star, safe your front line, fight according to the war strategy and tactics, understand the enemy position , destroy all airbase and air fighter plane of the enemy until region come to be declared safe, clear the region from enemy occupation , inflict damages to the supply of enemy , stop them to reach out toward your region , show your commando skills as you are trained by professional army and you are one of the best trained and professional commando soldier , show that you can make a big deal lonely but against the groups of enemy  solders and thing quality make you superior of the battlefield in the game .I think you should once try this commando action game very brilliant gameplay and multiple tasks are given but it is up to you unlock and complete to all missions.

General information of Commando Fury Cover Fire -Action game MOD apk 

Size : 39 Mb

Offered by : innovativepocket

Released on : 4 May,2018

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