Duolingo APK File Download For Android

Do you need to learn a different language other than your native language and don’t have much time to attend language classes? A very instinctive and comprehensive solution is right here. Presenting to you the most used language learning app that has been review and rated as the best among the rest by tons of users. 

  • You can effectively and efficiently learn various languages by spending minimal time and efforts. 
  • This app teaches you different languages with fun ways and tricks so it stays in your mind for long time span.
  • You can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Turkish and English.
  • This app allows you to learn languages in fun way.
  • Not only learning, you can practice your language skills and see how much more you need to learn.
  • You can build learning skills, reading skills and also writing skills.
  • This app helps you improve your vocabulary and grammar by various ways like answering questions and completing interesting lessons.
  • It teaches you everything about a language including the words, phrases and sentences.
  • You get to learn new words on daily basis and that helps improving your vocabulary.
  • Duolingo makes sure you master the language like a pro.
  • The app is free and fun.
  • It has all the interesting, spell bounding and fascinating ways to teach through lessons and visualizations.

Download the APK file of Duolingo from the link below!

Glide APK Download For Android

Glide is the easiest and fastest communicating app that allows you to send instant messages and communicate through videos and live chats. This messenger is lightning fast as it allows you and your friends to share media files through messages and talk on video calls. This messenger has much more for you. You can share real moments and experiences with your loved ones through video chats. You can enjoy quality time with your friends and family through this app.

Cool features of this app are as follows.
  • ·         You can review your videos while you send them and also select if you want to go live. You can select which option suits you.
  • ·         You can share videos and photos with friends and receive files from them.
  • ·         You can take a live snap and share with everyone.
  • ·         There are too many cool filters to make your videos and photos look amazing.
  • ·         This app is free of cost and reliable. 
  • ·         Making an account and using this app is easy and instant.
  • ·         Downloading and installing this app is a very handy process.

Download the APK file and connect with the world.

LEO Privacy APK Download For Android

As an android user, the most important and essential thing is your privacy. This is the number one app that lets you lock your data up and secure it.  This can lock your messages, WhatsApp, 

Facebook and other apps. You don’t have to worry about your privacy now as you can save your friends from watching over your call logs and messages history.  You can resist your kids from viewing the content you don’t want them to see.

This app has a very easy user interface. This app is too friendly and reliable to use. You can hide all your personal data and lock apps in few taps. You can hide photos and videos.
Features of this app are as follows.
  • ·         You can lock your apps up.
  • ·         You can lock your messages, call logs and contacts.
  • ·         You can put passwords on your apps.
  • ·         You can use the pattern or pin lock over your apps and games.
  • ·         You can also choose different themes.
  • ·         You can also block the unwanted calls and messages by putting up the contacts in blacklist.
  • ·         You can take a picture of the person who tries to unlock your phone.

Truecaller APK Latest Version Download For Android

Truecaller is a new enhanced phone app that manages your phone calls and call logs amazingly. You can make calls in a completely new way. You can use Truecaller as your default phone app and make calls from this app instead of your Phone app. This app allows you to see the community based spam numbers and stay safe. You can also see when your friends are free and then call them. You can block all the spam numbers and unknown calls. It shows the photos and names of the unknown numbers that call you and enhance your calling experience. By downloading Truecaller APK File, you would be able to see who is calling you whether its a saved number or an unknown one.

  • You can block the unwanted callers.
  • You can search for any number or name from 2 billion numbers and names.
  • Make calls from truecaller.
  • See names of all the unknown numbers.
  • You can see when your friends are available.
  • whatever number you copy on your clipboard would be shown in truecaller app and you can see the name of caller.
  • This app needs WiFi and mobile data to work.

You can download APK file of Truecaller from the link below!


Dolphin Emulator (Alpha) APK Download For Android

Even in the fast and new times, there are still some games that are not playable on your android device.

  • There are many video games that you can not play on your phone because of the incompatible requirements and to make this very process possible,emulators have been introduced that allow you to play your favorite games on your android device. 
  • Dolphin emulator allows you to play your favorite games with compatibility and fast speed. 
  • Download the APK file of Dolphin Emulator from below and have unlimited fun with your android device.

Download Dolphin Browser APK file from the link below!

AppMgr III (App 2 SD) APK Download For Android

If you are one of those android users who are frustrated about the mismanagement of storage on their device, then this app is for you! This simple tool allows you to transfer your files from your internal memory to external memory and from yout external memory to your internal memory. You can move files to your memory card when you run out of internal storage.

You can handle the system apps with this tool. You can hide the system apps from this app and also delete them. 
You can also force stop the apps that are not useful so those apps can stoping using your phones memory and data and also lower down the pressure on the processor and strengthens up the processing speed of the device. 
This app works more better with the rooted android devices. You can have control of all your apps and data with this simple tool. Once you download AppMgr lll APK file, you become master of your device.

Download AppMgr III (App 2 SD) from the link below!
Download AppMgr III (App 2 SD) APK FOR ANDROID

Spy Human Tracker APK Download For Android

Spy human tracker is a latest tool that allows you to track a cell phone. This app monitors all the calls and messages being sent and recieved on the phone. You can keep an eye on your kids phone through this app. Some of the very cool features of this app are as follows. 

  • You can see all the texts that are sent and recieved. 
  • You can view the incoming and outgoing calls history.
  • You can view all the photos that have been taken and recieved on the phone through any sources. 
  • You can see all the contacts that have been saved on the phone. 
  • It shows you the list of applications installed on your phone.
  • Its records the app data usage too. 

Download the Human Tracker from below!!


IDM Download Manager APK For Android

IDM is the best Download manager one can get for their android device. With Internet Download Manager, you can grab various files from the internet with fastest ever speed. Once you download the Apk file of IDM, you will experience 500 times faster downloads over your internet connection and without making any changes to your internet connection. 
Download the files with more ease and speed with IDM apk and keep your data alligned and managed with the clean and handy user interface this app has. You can see all your new and old downloads listed and have access to them from the download manager app. 
It makes sure the fastest downloading speed for your downloads. It keeps showing you the download progress and you can also shift it to background. 
You can also play video and audio streams in this app. All the video and audio links you need to stream can streamed and viewed through Internet Download Manager. 
This IDM is not the official one that we generallt see installed on all windows supporting systems. It is an app created to provide the maximum possible downloading speed for your files. 
Download the best Internet Download Manager from the link below!!


GameGuardian APK Download For Android

GameGuardian is a basic simple tool that allows you to hack your games for free points, coins, scores and values. Game lovers know the struggle of earning the points and then using those earned points to access other features in the game. For the points, players have to play the game all time all day and then earn points. Obviously, you can not waste all your day on games just to earn points and coins. 
This app works amazingly for those people who face the above. This app allows you to fetch points and coins in your game. You can search a desired number and get the coins of the exact number in your account. Apparently, with GameGuardian, you can add a desired specified amount of coins into your gaming account. Once you download the GameGuardian Apk file, you would be able to fetch and hack coins for your favorite games.
You can also buy in ap purchases from GameGuardian app and pay for them in a specific page. You can only fetch coins and scores that are free. This ap does not offer any free in app purchases so you have to pay for the products whether you buy them from playstore or this app. 
This app works on the devices that are rooted. Root your device before downloading this app and then download the apk file of GameGuardian from this page.

Download the GameGuardian latest version APK File from below!!


iRoot (vRoot) APK Download For Android

iRoot is a simple tool for your android device that allows you to root your phone and have control over all its features. With this simple app, your mobile phones and tablets can be rooted in minutes. To become the boss of your device that you already own, download iRoot APK and get access to all its features. iRoot is the new name to popular app, vRoot, that used to offer the same services iRoot do. iRoot allows you to easily access all the files existing on your device and perform different tasks.
This app is compatible with all the lates versions of android and its very easy user interface makes it more better for you to have control and access ovee all features of your device.
Android users love to root their devices for many reasons. Rooting an android device deprices you of the manufacturer warranty and opens up your device to malware that can wipe away the data and may involve more related risks. It is a guideline for you to keep a backup of your important data before you root your device.
This app is so handy and easy that anyone can access it and use it easily. The simple user interface makes it completely compatible for audience. This app is cost free and can be download from the link below. You just have to download the iRoot APK file and open it up. Follow the directions and you will he guided through the way! 
Download iRoot Apk file from the link given below!!

MoreLocale 2 APK Download For Android

This app is a simple tool that lets you add various languages to your android phone. If you are using an android device that doesn’t supports the browsing language you want, then this app is the perfect solution for you. You just have to download the MoreLocale 2 apk file that I am provinding the link for and have your problem solved in minutes. Wherever you are , whichever country you live in, you can add various languages to your android device. MoreLocale 2 allows you to use the languagepf your choice. Downloading and installing this apk file is too easy. You just have to download the MoreLocale 2 apk file and choose the language from settings after installing. 

  • This app is free.
  • It has a very handy userinterface.
  • Allows you to browse in different languages
Download the apk file from below!!

Dr.Web Security Space For Android

A very simple tool that secures your android device from all the viruses, spam and malware. It completey assures the security of your device. It also helps you find your phone when you lost it somewhere or when its stolen. This app is a must have for all the android users. Some of the very cool feature this app has are as follows.
  • It scans your device for viruses and malware and removes them.
  • It keeps your calls and messages secure. 
  • It has a latest technology to scan for viruses. 
  • It scans your data for corrupted files and cleans them.
  • It scans the memory card files and internal memory files to make sure everything is clean and secure.
  • It makes the battery last longer. 
  • Cools down the device and improves the processor working. 
  • You can easily locate your device when its stolen away.

Download the apk file of this app from below!