Card Wars Adventure Time Latest APK Free Download

Card Wars Adventure game is inspired by card wars real time adventure episodes.Now leave everything aside and start playing this adventurous game that is worth your time and fun.You can summon up the creatures and cast the spells to battle on your way to the Grand Victory.Have a look at the Card Combat.

In this adventurous game,you can command an army of awesome warriors that are ready to fight for you including Husker Knights,cool dog,The immortal maize walker and even the pig to fight for you and to destroy your oponent’s forces! You can also place towers and cast spells to unleash ultimo attacks.
Enjoy the perks of the custom decks and win all the wars. You can also collect new cards to customize your deck for each of the oponent.You can also level up your creatures to increase their power and get more benefit.In the same way,you can level up your towers and spells for the war.You can fuse them all together to make all your cards even more powerful.
Enjoy the adventure of the high stakes battle.You may think sometimes about the adventures and want to be crowned as a cool guy or girl,you can just end up thinking and start playing this adventurous game as the lovely and amazing charaters that are Finn,Jake,BMO,Princess Bubblegum,Marceline,Flame princess and many more as you wind through the land of Ooo!
This is not just a war of cards but it is Adventure Time Card Wars.You will kive to play this awesome and real time adventurous game as you have warriors that will destroy the oponents and you can enjoy playing the perks of the battles.
An issue was encountred ib Card Wars and some android players were having difficulties. Team is well aware of the issue and is working to make it better soon. It is suggested that you should upgrade to Android 4.2 to improve the stability of the app.This application requires Android 2.3 and up to work smoothly.
It is recently updated and the new update brings the following changes to the app.Have a look!
Now it has a new feature,Deck Wars-Player created deck to deck combat.
New tournaments and prizes are added to the game.
Now the new black cards are added to math up your deck.. (Tournament Reward Cards).
Two new Hero cars are added.Cinnamon Bun card and The Banana Guard.
And the importand thing! Tons of bug fixes have been done to it to make the game work more easily and smoothly for the users! You can have all these adventures within some time by clicking on the link below and downloading the amazing game that you will not regret downloading or playing.Download from the link below..

If you wish to Download it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below.

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