Beach Cricket Pro APK Free Download

Ahh! So CRICKET,the most played and most loved sport by every single person.This is the game that is played all around the world and people do really enjoy playing and watching this amazing sport as it is loved by every kid to adult! Mostly boys take interest in cricket and are badly addicted to it.

For the cricket lovers,there is now available an amazing game that provides the natural scenario and a very good sport experience as this game is loved by millions of people around the world.This game can b adapted in any environment as it suits the surroundings.In this new PRO version of Cricket Beach,you can experience the fun of cricket with a sip of sun,sand and the sea.This provides a real cricket fun and you just feel like you are playing it in real.
As there are eleven players in this game and a batsman.The players are batsman are defined but you can select the bowlers which you like.Like the first step of cricket,winning the toss gives you opportunity to decide whether to bat first or bowl.

You can play a 5 over,10 over,15 over,20 over,25 over,30 over match.
Requirements that are needed for the installation of this game are as follows

  • It needs android OS 2.0 or later!
  • Needs devices powered by an ARMv7 Central Processing Unit.
  • It requires GPU support for OpenGles.This is recommended
To download this funfilled game follow the link below.
If you wish to purchase it from the google playstore,then the link is below!

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