Download Battle Warship Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Battle warship Mod is the Most Popular and famous game for Android gamers, the game free download Battle of warships android modded game for android player The Battle warship Mod is the most awaited game for a long time by the people, finally the game is released. The battle warship is the best Action game developed by the famous developer cube software. You will face stunning moves of the ships. The game introduces the new and amazing moves and actions you will be observing hundreds of the new super moves to destroy your enemies. You can also pick up the new powerful and dynamic.  We hope that the game is top in the action game category in near future. The Good Graphics and excellent animations and moves will make you love playing it and you will find worth it downloading offline and playing it. There are nice balance improvements in the game that feels like a real-world scenario, all this proves the excellent physics and arts knowledge skills of the development team .there is no any compatibility issue regarding the Android version. The latest game is available now to download and install for free. You can download it from the link which is given at the end of this page. , all this proves the excellent physics and arts knowledge skills of the development team. Those have the latest touch versions & include the gyroscope! The game is special for a young & child.


v  More & latest ships

v  More  than  10 or 20 battleships, including the legendary ones of the first & the second world battle

v  Best Fighting moves and Actions

v  Awesome sound and graphic.

v  A unique upgrade system each battle weapons of yours.

v  Powerful enemies and Powerful Player.


Size 100 MB.

Version 1.31

Android version 2.3 and above

Download Link:

Battle Warship Apk Direct Download

Lara Croft: Relic Run MOD Apk Download for Android

Lara Croft: Relic Run  MOD apk

Is an action-adventure series game revolves around the main character Lara Croft that is heroin of the game? You are going to play Lara Croft: Relic Run  MOD apk game and you will find the brutal scene in this game  Lara Croft will be the protagonist of the game. This game is pretty much interesting because it’s like a film that fiction around a hero but this game has heroin that does everything like driving vehicles, running in a jungle, climbing the mountain like a mountaineer, swinging and much more , gamer controls to the character as to the Lora Croft activities , as there are control options for your player roaming here and there, exploring the world with different locations like deserted area, hill ranges included obstacles and danger on the way the main purpose is just to uncover mysterious ancient objects and places ,keep moving ,moving and moving until you discover the conspiracy which that threatens the world .there are  more of hazardous and dangerous animals like old time dinosaur wild dogs coming toward your heroin Lora Croft for hitting her that may be cause of your player Lora Croft death and your game will come to end if your player become prey of that horrifying wild animals, risk at her life by keep moving for to explore the world ,there is an idea that makes your player secure from traps and disasters on the way, that safety point is utilizing your weapons available in the gameplay ,you can secure your player of the game, don’t give the chance any enemy or animal that is considered dangerous for your player life, shoot them using bow and arrow ,I think a gun is also available  . There are a lot of episodes so interesting and mind-blowing game with great visual effects.

General Information of Lara Croft: Relic Run 

size: 134 Mb

Offered by :

Released on: 2 Nov 2018

Download Lara Croft: Relic Run MOD apk


Lara Croft: Relic Run Apk

Lara Croft: Relic Run MOD Apk


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Human Fall Flat 2019 MOD Apk Download Free

Human Fall Flat 2019 MOD apk:

Is a puzzle , action game that is coming soon in current year but still that is not available on play store but it’s PC version is available ,as you know 2019 is running ,just a few years ago it was announced that Human Fall Flat 2019 game would be released in coming 2019 , but the game trailer was released without waiting for guidance about this game to the gamer  ,now we also wanted to give details to you as we are serving to you with latest and upcoming games so, we are going to discuss that how Human Fall Flat 2019 MOD apk will work, how are expectation which  that you have how it will be? Interesting or bored, dude just smile, dude you will be excited by this awesome game, in this game your bob (player) will find himself in trapped , he will lose his standing balance when he will try to stand up on any place it may be a flat or building or something another object, he used to slip and fall down but trying to stand with retaining an equally balanced position is its challenge ,standing again after a fall is a given task in this game to your player . This game will work as an open environment with having a lot of functionalities, there are multiple options that allow your player for jumping  ,your player will swing from building to building but you have to let your player for jumping carefully by seeing the situation sometime it will be harmful to your character (player) that might result in death of character ,you can take this game  as well as soon it will be launched and you can enjoy this one in the first time ,I’m talking about Human Fall Flat 2019 MOD apk game that is expected to be launched after few months but keeps patient but you can play its PC version that was released 22 July 2017 but soon it will be available on Play store according to the developer announcement, when this game will come in play store market we will place here its link without taking time, we always care our game lovers  ,to provide them their needed and desired game on time that is our first priority that’s why we put full details and information about the upcoming game even that is not yet released but is expected soon it will be in your access and will be more interesting  ,

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Download Link:

Human Fall Flat 2019 MOD Apk

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem MOD Apk Download for Android

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem MOD apk

Is a cartoon game, characters of the game are designed like cartoons as you watched mostly cartoon programs. For kids entertainment cartoons programs and shows are broadcast. Characters are so cute with good body structured, this game is gifted to those who like to watch cartoons for entertainment especially for kids that have a great interest and pleasure in it, not only kids some teenagers also like cartoons.In this game Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, multiplayer play a role in the game. A war that is held between these cartoon characters, when battle take place an offensive contest between your combatant and opponents that time is a great challenge to make a big deal in the game , you can win the game task if your players eliminate opponent players. There you should be careful in Battlefield you have to make a strategic policy that how to fight that give you result in success, you need to know your cartoon players are classified into three types

1-Attacker: they attack the opposing army or we can say, warriors,

2-Defender: they defend from opposite attack by opponents

3-Support: they help to support their warriors for eliminating opponent forces.

As soon as possible try to send those your players which that have great capabilities of fighting in the ground for slashing opposite army warriors. Don’t put yourself down, they are considered unfit to undertake the mission if they put their self down it is a strategy, win the battle using fighting skills, a variety of weapons are available and different kind of toon (cartoon, character, player, ) are available, but you need to know if you want to increase the number of your cartoon force team then you have to collect pieces of a character body by doing this you can arrange them and can create a new character to attain victory of your target, achieve your object and enjoy a lot  this one that provides entertainment,

General information of Looney Tunes World of Mayhem MOD apk

size: 92 Mb

Offered by: scope

Released on: 11 Dec 2018

Download Looney Tunes World of Mayhem MOD apk


Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem MOD Apk


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Liberty City Stories MOD Apk Free Download

GTA Liberty City Stories MOD apk

Is a game based on Liberty city and the main Character “Toni”?This game is a story of “Toni” and Liberty City, it is similar to GTA voice city if you got a chance to play Voice city auto theft. This game describes the story of a man that is known by the name as ”Toni” and, a city that’s name is Liberty, actually, Liberty city is a real place or city that is located in Miami, Florida America. I have no idea that this story is true or false but talk about Liberty city which that exists in the world, In this game story, Toni did illegal activity so after doing this he gets rid of from Liberty city but after a few years he came back and this moments start many missions and tasks in the game ,after coming back that is a starting point of this GTA Liberty city stories , after coming back in Liberty city he have to do missions and tasks for adjustment to starts come again with  new hopes and dreams in life  ,when he tried to work under his previous boss again  , his boss gives a task to do and he has to must perform that task for joining job under ex-boss, that tasks are serious type and illegal one of those tasks is to kill someone , so in this game  you should try to fulfill  this task for to move in next task or level, overall those tasks might be killing someone and participate in car racing for to impress your boss that you have fantastic qualities and you can do everything etc . No need to go in depth of story our main topic of this time is to discuss how to play this game and how this game works, for better experience you should try playing this game yourself then you will realize its fantastic tasks and you will feel emotional by playing this  ,This game has the best features tasty tasks and little bit hard missions that force you to accept the challenges to be a champion . Hope that you will try once to check out this one amazing game that provides best controls and good gameplay.

General Information of GTA Liberty City Stories MOD

size: 1.15 Gb

Offered by: Rockstars Games

Released on: 11 Feb,2016

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD 


Liberty City Stories MOD Apk


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The Walking Dead:Our World tips and Tricks MOD Apk

The Walking Dead: Our World tips and Tricks ;

Is a shooter game, you will chop walkers by weapons, normally like this type of games in which we have something like missions and tasks as killing, chopping  and slashing like other shooters games as Residence Evil and many other, this type of games are so amazing these help to grow your emotional feelings ,you feel rejuvenated sometime while playing this type game you imagine that you are a hero and you have to play a role as saving lives of gentlemen and decent people and have to kill evil zombies actually zombie is frightening creature who is  dead person who has been brought back to life for to eat meat of human beings , you can say that is a cannibal who tastes blood of man you can say that zombie has been brought back on our human planet  but without human qualities. These zombies are harmful to human life so, in this game player has a task to wipe out them and slash them luckily game  player has a shotgun and extra weapons, and you have to eliminate these zombies walkers, main important thing is to discuss about this game is , it is a location-based game , you can see location icon where walker(zombie) is running or standing . Walkers are everywhere, tap on visible mission icon of zombie and take them down, you can shoot them by tapping on the screen where you find walkers location, walkers have a health bar so when you will shoot them by your shotgun their health bar will be decreased, keep firing until their health bar be empty  ,when health bar will be fully empty they will die and it will be your victory as you fulfill your mission but there should be no one Walker left in the game and you have need to know there are 4 types of Walkers and be aware that have different abilities and qualities to each other that four types walkers are known by the name as

* Regular * Slim *Armored and Heavy

with different qualities.

General information of The Walking Dead: Our World tips and Tricks:

size : unknown

Offered by: Next Games

Released on:11 Jul,2018

Download The Walking Dead: Our World tips and Tricks:


The Walking Dead APK

The Walking Dead MOD Apk


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Residence of Evil MOD Apk Free Download

Residence of Evil MOD apk

Is a one-person shooter game, very horrible and awful like horror movie so mysterious scene that makes someone scared, 10 types of evil that are very harmful to human beings. In this game, there are many cannibals that are hungry to eat man’s meat those are thirsty for man’s blood. You have a mission to eradicate these cannibals but be careful because they can injure you in this task you might be injured, be aware many people lost their lives by these evils. These cannibals look so mysterious and direful when you face a cannibal abruptly on the way of your adventure might be scared but don’t be scared by those evils just there is need of courage ,if you have got a guts you can do otherwise you will be a prey of those animal type cannibals, save your life and other lives  by doing demolishing  of your enemy , you have three types of weapons, use your shotgun to shoot awful and horrible cannibals that are dangerous for human creature , eliminate them badly  and get rid of from these torments , that are swallowing mankind . This game is created with full of a mysterious scary scene, there are strange dark rooms that make curiosity to someone, you will feel ghost everywhere in the game become a brave man and wipe out torments ,just for that moments  imagine yourself that you are a hero and you have to play a role of a great man that work for humanity to save them from evils and cannibals , show your noble qualities ,qualities of warrior as a warrior has qualities and skills to defeat his enemy, in this game you can fully enjoy  If we talk about its structure that is fully designed with great graphics effects, this game’s curiosity attracts game player’s attention. if you have got experienced to watch horror movies then you would feel it same a horror film that will increase definitely your interest and will be a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

General information of Residence of Evil MOD all

size: 47 Mb

Offered by: Poison Games

Released on: 4 Jun 2018

Download Residence of Evil MOD all


Residence of Evil MOD Apk

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Farming Simulator 18 MOD Apk Free Download

Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK

Is determined about village life activities and agriculture role in economic to support homes expenses. Agriculture is playing a very important role for livelihood, on a large scale, people are connected with the agriculture field around all over the world. You know it is the reality that the agricultural sector playing a strategic role in the economic development of a country, economists say agriculture is like a backbone in the prosperity of a country, so this game Farming simulator 18 is developed to illuminate the significant of farmer that how they work or how they deal with their farming activities . It totally revolves around agriculture and farming, as you have the idea that farming is important you know it is also an interesting way or you can say also an interesting hobby same time. This game shows a farmer lifestyle , in this game you will be a farmer and will officiate farming activities like, turn up the earth of as with a plough, especially before sowing, cultivate various types of crops like sunflower, wheat, rice, and few others , for to grow up these crops you have to perform step by step all process like , loosening the soil , fertilizing , time to time watering , providing good atmosphere , harvesting , when crops are ready to cut out then you have to cut it out, load it over your truck and transport it in city . You have modern agricultural machinery in Farming Simulator 18, you can use in this everyone machinery easily there are no obstacles or challenges as generally games have harder tasks but it is so easy to play. Graphics effects are so great, as you know a village area has a special beauty so, you can find a natural scene in the game, it seems like that everything is real and you are involved in the real agricultural field. You can have different kinds of pets owned in a game like a cow, ship etc, you can sell milk, vegetables, and crops in the city.

General information on Farming Simulator 8 MOD apk :

size: 174 Mb

Offered by: GIANTS Software

Released on: Jun 5, 2017

Download Farming Simulator 8 MOD apk


Farming Simulator 18 APK

Farming Simulator 18 APK+ DATA Full


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Left to survive PvP Zombie Shooter MOD Apk Download for Android

Left to survive PvP Zombie Shooter MOD apk

Is a fighting game against the evil zombies. Kill hordes of zombies which that are your targets. Destroy their shelters and shields, that is your harmful enemy, preserve yourself and your resources, danger lurks anywhere, make secure and comfortable yourself from hordes of zombies. Smash your opponents stocks using mighty weapons , a solid and powerful weapons stock which  you have availability in the game that helps you to make you strong, bring your guts and clash against hordes zombies, fight bravely until you get victory and refer to the next level, every coming level is harder than previous go ahead don’t see left . Save survivors lives, defend yourself by wearing police armors, using powerful weapons like Rifles, Shotguns,  grenades, launchers, destroy enemy bases from your helicopter, be careful with health otherwise zombies hordes will get you killed. In succeeding in your mission you have to face challenge bravely, fight until your last breath, fight for your glory, self-care, and safety. This game is like an action movie, your player is a hero, a hero who is admired for their outstanding achievements, courage or noble qualities, a war hero, a hero is not selfish, he defends his companion and his nation from bad evils. A full action game looks so horrible it takes your attention, hen you play it you will be extremely involved it due to its attraction which makes a man addictive. Graphics and texture effects are so well,  especially helicopters Raids are unbelievable, a rapid surprise attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft that make this game so fantastic. I  highly recommend you to download and play this game it will become your source of joy and help in decrease your anxiety level, so wonderful game for entertainment, must play this game and your time memorable.

General information of Left to survivoPvp Zombies Shooter MOD all


Offered by:

Released on: 24 Jul 2018

Download Left to Survive Pvp zombies Shooter MOD all


Left to survive PvP Zombie Shooter

Left to survive PvP Zombie Shooter MOD


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CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD Apk Download for Android

CarX Drift Racing MOD apk

Is an advanced racing game, it is experienced that racing games are so famous and popular in worldwide. Racing and driving is a cool hobby for spending good moments. Especially youth seems to be curious about racing, me also one of them I liked it so much. Games developers brought our interest in games world to make our time special so, now you can find many racing games in the games market and CarX Drift Racing MOD apk is one of them a best visual 3D stunning game. Have fun to make your time memorable playing this fantastic game, when you play this game it makes you so emotional and surprising. Compete with other cars , drive swiftly until you cover the objective distance in this way by leading, leaving rivals’ cars behind reach on time on given target point , become a superior in racing  ,have fun it is so cool, when you would play it absolutely you will say oh wow oh my God why I was not familiar  with this game I lost my time, in this game most important thing to say that you can make (develop ) your car yourself, why not you can do this ,you can do absolutely if you are one lover of Racing game  ,every racer want a beautiful racing car for outing for having a car competition ,so, excited thing is that CarX Drift Racing provide options to develop your by yourself , you can arrange your car with your own conceptual car body structure, a with your  best choice color ,you can add a logo  , not a single logo you can put  multiple beautiful logos on your car that make your car layout so stunning, adjust the desired style of sidebar lights, adjust powertiretyre of beautiful outlook, choose a brand of cacars, really great racing game , Roads and tracks also well, if you have got a chance to play Asphalt 9 then you can understand how it works , In real drdriving,ostly I was so careful when I drove my car but now used to bedrivet high speed to enjoy, hope that you would like this game.

General information of CarX Drift Racing MOD apk

size: 500 Mb

Offered by: CarX Technologies

Released on: Aug 10, 2014

Download CarX drift Racing MOD apk


CarX Drift Racing 2 Apk

CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD Apk


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Truck Simulator USA MOD Apk Download for Android

Truck Simulator USA MOD apk

Is a pretty cool game in this time most people want to learn driving, mostly those who have owned a car or truck might be excavator or a dumper so, this Truck provides a good simulation experience for making their driving skill better, mostly before getting a driving license there is must need of practice , you can get a little bit experience of driving here in this game also as how to turn right ,left and understanding signals strategy , In this game you have to drive an 18 wheeler truck  you would feel a better experience and emotional by driving that, you will understand how to turn right, left, how to get speed, how to cross successfully by passing through other vehicles, you will load and transport many types of vehicles, goods, and products on your 18 wheeler truck . In the USA you will deliver items everywhere through your truck. In this Truck Simulator game, you have the best driving control system, there are emergency brakes . There are options available to give your truck a unique shape and structure ,you can design yourself your truck body and color, It so lovely game cool trucks and you can use turn signals and can turn on  lights and get gas, beautiful USA and Mexico roads beautiful environment it seems that you are driving in a real word, in this game everything looks like natural . In this game player drive the truck across the USA, a memorable scenic routes and highways as you are driving you feel joy and calmness because atmosphere and environment is so fantastic and looks like natural gas, when you pass through desert, city, and parks and sometimes weather is sunny and sometimes rain and cloudy   iI so cool for driving .

General information of Truck Simulator USA

size: 162 MB

Offered by: Ovidiu Pop

Released on: Jan 18, 2017

Download Truck Simulator USA MOD apk


Truck Simulator USA Apk

Truck Simulator USA MOD Apk


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Shadowgun Legends 0.8.3 Full Apk + Mod Data Download

Shadowgun Legend MOD apk

Is a free first-person shooter game that revolves around a mercenary, the word mercenary means a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army, the mercenary in this game is known shadowgun, shadowgun of this game that is a professional killer that is hired for killing to aliens that come from an unknown place. That aliens are called Torment in the game so, wipe out Torment reinforcements , at first of the game ,you have to arrange your shadowgun legend like arranging your shadowgun body structure, hair style, eyes color, head, dress,  shoes, weapon etc, after doing this you have to go slade  and you will get mission and task ,don’t worry that what me should to do next, you will get guidelines in written text with voice in the game as you progress through the game you have to go various planets for operation to clean out Torment (aliens ) but first time you will be able to go only one not at all when you win the task then automatically that planets will be unlocked for you for to go there and clash with enemy, if you win the mission you get reward, when you are fighting with your enemy that come from unknown planet and arrive on your planet earth illegally with weapon and arms so ,you have to defend your planet so,destroy that coming Torment , while fighting with Torment you get sub commandments like ;

Go to weapon and armor shop, get a weapon, take the all generator fuse, place fuse in shoket, use the elevator, wipe out torment reinforcements, when you have completed mission go to slide and claim your reward.

It is so amazing game if you play this game its quickly proved itself an one of the impressive game  ,build your legends , get the tasks complete them and get the rewards, there are more than a hundred missions approximately length of two to three minutes  in Shadowgun Legends there are different  areas and dungeons and various aliens creature with so amazing graphics, when you will try you might feel like you are watching a horror movie or an action movie.

General information of Shadowgun Legends MOD apk

size: unknown

offered by: Madfinger Games

Released on: 22 Mar 2018

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD apk


Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK


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