Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk

Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk

Army truck transportation carried on aircraft supplying on the army base camps this is the main mission of the game of Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk game, we know that you have ever experienced to play goods and stuff delivery games that are available in large number on the play store but today we found this one that is similar to stuff delivery from one place to another game which that might be ever seen or played but today we get this one that is a little bit similar to other transportation games but not at all, it is a little bit similar and a little bit different from other supplying goods games, but the beauty of the game is, it has both shipping and delivery services to deliver the stuff from one place to another place one of them is by the road and the second one is by the aerial way both are amazing and it would be a wonderful experience for you as both testes in the same game and moreover Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk game has a different stuff or goods to deliver compared to other shipping games here in this game you have to deliver military weapons from weapons stock area to military base camps and military bankers by the way you can use both options as by the road cargo supplying or by the air but it depends on you what way you prefer or like, both the options are best and give fantastic experience ,you know game is 3 dimensional with great graphic effects so super aero plane with luxury supplier trucks , carry army tanks inside the plane and take off the plane from airbase after loading  army tanks and weapons inside it , fly your aero plane and reach the army base camps where army soldiers waiting for you after landing on military  base camps put off tanks as you know military solders waiting for tanks and weapons there are chances to be started war on the boundary lines where military base camps are established to defend coming attacks by the enemy side so now this time neighbor enemy violating on the  boundary lines , enemy forces are properly escalating the boundary violence so there is emergency needed tanks and weapons on your military base camps to defend the coming attacks and targets , so it is your responsibility to supply tanks and weapons at the military base camps through trucks and plane , prove yourself a hardworking man and deliver military stuff on the given points on time

General information of Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk 

Size: 39 Mb

Offered by: Titan Game Production

Released on : 30 Sep,2017


Army Tank Transport Plane Sim MOD apk 





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