American Firefighter Emergency Rescue MOD apk

American Firefighter Emergency Rescue MOD apk

Is a life-saving game of those people that are a trap of burning buildings and waiting for someone who help them to take away from this hell , this is a game in which you will help the people who are unfortunately accidentally in trapped of fire so, become a professional fire brigade man and save the helpless people that are in trouble of fire and those people are near to death of fire, when you are reported the sad news of the fire burning people and buildings accident take your fire brigade vehicle with full of water tank and reach the place where fire accident took place, hurry up and save the lives of innocent people that are in trouble of fire, take action against fire to cease burning put and pour the water on the fire and victims to save the lives ,the innocent people are hopeless and helpless that are seeking for life, become a superman that loves  the humanity and save the lives of people , show your courage and take control  on the fire on the burning spot ,American Firefighter Emergency Rescue MOD game give you multiple functionalities to take control of the fire to minimize the damage and loss of lives  ,game provides you the best fire brigade and fire stations on many places on the American cities, build your professional fire brigade team and show your capabilities of being a peace volunteer ,the beautiful thing that I noticed is that  of the game is your fire brigade  vehicle of with outstanding beautiful outlook and its mind blowing siren (warning sound ) that is made prolonged to aware the people to give the pass to your fire brigade to run it quickly to reach out on the accident happening spot moreover location tracer of accidental spot is provided in the game , very addictive and intoxicated game ,I love it so much must play this amazing game.

General information of American Firefighter Emergency Rescue MOD apk 

Size: 46 Mb

Offered by: LagFly

Released on :20 Nov,2017

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