Airport Police Dog Duty Sim MOD apk

Airport Police Dog Duty Sim MOD apk

A game based on checking stuff of the passengers with your dogs that has sharp sense of smell recognizing that help to track and chase the illegal suppliers and Steelers, check out all the stuff of passengers on the airport it is necessary to keep the area of airport safe and secure, check out and make sure that, is not there any drug or illegal stuff behind or hidden in plane? there must never remain any illegal stuff or thing in the plane that is against the rule and law and it can create concern of protection, it is your responsibility to keep secure to the passengers from any trap or trouble so in the game you are playing a role of security officers and you have a dog that helps you to trace and track illegal activists and stuff , it is interesting to see that your dog that has the best major qualities as it has a sharp sense of smell recognizing illegal stuff and drugs and it can help to trace and track criminals when you have confirmed that someone is going to harm to the plane or passengers of the plane, just quickly take action against that person and arrest it out, If you see a suspect immediately check its stuff, you can have the best breed of dog that is the best  animal that is very helpful to find the thieves and robbers, in plane security team it is must and be very beneficial ,don’t put plane security at risk  ,always be ready to save the innocent lives of the passengers don’t put their lives at risk it is the main task of the Airport Police Dog Duty Sim MOD apk game .Game graphics effects are so good, 3 Dimensional games, very interesting and mind-blowing game, have fun and must play this one in your spare time.

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