AirFighters RORTOS MOD Apk Download

AirFighters RORTOS MOD Apk

AirFighters RORTOS MOD apk

Is an airspace fighting game where the world best aircraft and fighter pilots are in your control , you can launch your desired special hunting fighter jet in airspace over airspace operation mission and you can hunt enemy jets down but it is necessary to mention here that this air battle will be quite different to the earth war as most gamers have played Earth war type games but it would be a new experience to play this war game because there are less chances to overcome any attack coming toward your fighter jet , without any notice your plane can be shot down  ,enemy hunter planes can hunt down your plane in the result this game will be ended if you become unsuccessful to deal with them by doing maximum damage of their jets so hunt down enemy fighter jets ,don’t give them any chance to strike at you if you are hunted it would be a great loss for you if you want to continue this game then dominate on enemy fighters planes , keep on your eye over your target points , do attack all on the air , sea and earth targets . You know you are using world best fighter planes that are so expensive and very wonderful for to shoot enemy there are more than 1000 runways and 500 real airports a great world maps and navigation system game is truly unique and so interesting for everyone ,powerful weapons are installed in each aircraft variety of fighter jets are ready for your use so utilize them in your space operation mission that is more tasty than earth or sea fighting operation , you can use outstanding many number of fighter jets which that are mentioned below

F/A-18 Super Hornet
MiG-29K Fulcrum
F-14 Super Tomcat
A-6 Intruder
AV-8B Harrier II
F35B Lightning II
F4E Phantom II
F-16 Falcon
SU-47 Berkut
F-22 Raptor
EF Typhoon
A-10 Thunderbolt II

General information of AirFighters RORTOS MOD apk

Size: 111 Mb

Offered by : RORTOS

Released on : 7 Nov,2015

Download AirFighters RORTOS MOD apk


AirFighters RORTOS Apk

AirFighters RORTOS MOD Apk


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