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AirDroid,Probably the best android device manager that is user friendly and is loved bt every android user as it manages the android devices so well.Its award winning services are very ideal and loved by all of the Android users around the world.So features of this amazing Android Device manager are as follows in accordancec with the special AirDroid world cup!

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So the most lavishing key features that this app hold ms are
You do not have to use the USB cables to connect and manage your devices with AirDroid Android Device Manager.
You do not have to install any driver to use AirDroid Android Device Manager.
You can use the same Wifi or Internet Connection available on your devices.
It is a very pure Web Application that is compatible to use with Chromebook,Windows,Mac and Linux.
You just have to install AirDroid Android Device Manager and you will have compkete access to manage your android device on the web.I am writing its features.Have a look! You will love it.
You can send and recieve the SMS and the individual or group messages too.
You can download and manage your apps.also supports import and export of the APK files.
You can manage all your files in one place and can also transfer the files between your android device and computer.
You can view all your photos in one place and can also transfer them to your computer wirelessly and from your computer to android too.
You can place all the audios and videos and play them within the android app and also transfer the videos and audios to your computer from your android device and from your android device to your computer.
You can make any music file as your ringtone and can also export any ringtone to your android device.
You can view all the contacts within the app and also edit all the contacts in your Android device.
You can also take screenshots with your android device with real time android screen but root is required for the action.
You can see through the lens of both the front and back camera and also supports the real time flashlight.
You don’t have to move from one app to another to open any URL because you can click open the URL or any link sent or recieved in the Android browser without switching to any other app or browser.
You can also share the content of the clipboard to your computer from your android device without any cable attached to connect.
There are some more features of this Best Android Device Manager like Wifi tethering,file manager,task manager etc. Some of its android philosophies that makes it a perfect Android Device Manager are as follows
You can transfer and manage all your content on the Android device without any hassle of the data cables. Manage your devices completely wirelessly.
You can play and enjoy within one screen without lingering and shifting to other screens.
This awesome AirDroid Android Devuce Manager assures to lessen your one more worry with its handsone feature of locating the android device when ever and where ever you want and wiping off all the personal data that is saved on it if its lost.
This app allows you to manage all the content and data on your android device through your computer or PC’s browser.
It is remarkably comprehensive as it works very smoothly and operates ideally and is also a free download. Its handsome and easy to use handy features are the little things that made it worth winning “app of the year”.. 
Switch to the Best Android Device Manager, The AirDroid Android Device Manager and get your device managed like a PRO!
You can download it free from the link below.

If you wish to get it from the Google Play Store then the link is below.

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