Agar io 2.22.0 APK for Android Review

Agar io Game Review

Agar io is an action-packed massively-multiplayer online game created by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares. The gameplay involves controlling circular cells in a map that represents a Petri dish. The goal is to grow and collect as much food as possible while avoiding predators.

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Agar io Game mechanics

In Agar io, you play as a small cell that grows as a result of eating other cells and agar. Your objective is to grow to the highest position possible. As you eat other cells, you gain a higher position and gain a faster movement speed. As you grow, you may swallow viruses or other cells to make them larger and explode. This results in a flock of cells that are much faster than your own. However, these cells are also easily sucked up by other cells.


In Agar io, the player can purchase or earn Potions. In the game, Potions come in different types, such as Premium, Common, Exotic, and Mystery. Each type of potion has its own unique reward. You can get Coins, Trophies, Mass Boosts, and XP Boosts by opening the different types of Potions. Depending on your performance, you can also earn Mystery Potions. 2.22.1 android apk download

One way to increase your chances of earning a Premium or Mystery potion is to play the game with a single cell, with one potion unopened at any given time. This will prevent you from dying quickly because all slots will be full in terms of Agar io. If you die quickly during a match, however, you will not be able to open a potion. In such a case, the player will have to open the menu by pressing the esc key or continue playing until the match is over.

What is new in Agar io new Version

  • Gather skull tokens in any field and in elixirs to open prizes aplenty.
  • Get the Brilliant Street to take your experience to a higher level for very elite rewards and skins.

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