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ADW Launcher is an highly customizable application that is made to meet all the requirements of the android users.The reason why this app is loved and being used by million of users is that this app is fast,light and very handy to use.. This is probably the best your android can get as it manges everything so well.. Some of the key features of this application are as follows.Have a look and decide for your self if its worth it or not..

  • It is compatible with Android 1.6 to 4.1.
  • It is very customizable and manageable more than you can think.
  • There are thousands of skins to try and a great variety of themes which support most popular launcher themes.
  • You can mix and match your skin icons,folders,docks etc.
  • You can configure your app in unlimited groups and you can hide unwanted apps.
  • Its fast setup screen allows you add items or configure everything very fast and quick.
  • You can also perform fast operations with gestures with your hand and fingers.
  • It has a very configurable actionbar that is similar to android 3.x+ tablet interface.
  • You can add,remove,swap and resize your desktop screens with the screen editor.
  • There are configurable visual desktop indicators.
  • You can easily manage and tweak folders,have content previews,arrange everything,manage the colors etc.
  • There is new AppWidget picker for devices which have android version 4.1 and later.
  • You can create shortcuts and also edit the previously existing icons and customize them.
  • You can also resize the App widget.
  • You can also backup and restore AppWidget (only for android 4.1 and later).
  • You can customize applications and unlimited shortcuts with paginated scroll with its application dock.
  • There is alot more to have fun with like texts,colours,animations,sizes that you will simply love.
What’s New in ADW Launcher Ex,Lets see!
  1. An issue that was encountred on Android 4.3 is now fixed.
  2. Behaviour of Keep in memory notification is fixed.
  3. You can directly uninstall the app from the App Drawer.
  4. Some swipe icons are fixed which were unable to launch the App.
  5. Some more issues that were reported by the users are fixed.
  6. There are small code changes too.

You can download this All in one app for your android from the link provided below.

If you wish to purchase it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below.


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