Prisma APK Download For Android

Everybody is aware of the hype prisma has created over the internet. Basically prisma is a photo editing app that turns your photo into an artistic piece of work and that too, of your own choice. Playing with filters was never this much fun. You can balance the filters to create artistic effects on photos. You can indulge yourself into artwork pieces of popular artist of the world history like Munk and Picasso. You can see yourself as a precious ornament and pattern created with creativeness. Prisma works with unique neural networks technology that intelligently turns your memorable pictures into artistically memorable. This app creates art for you with your photos timelessly. All the stunning photo effects surround this app. You can use so many modern art filters to make your photos amazingly artistic. 
Previously, prisma was only available for iOs users and could be downloaded over the Apple App store but now android version is available over the market and could be accesses by the android users. Download the Prisma Apk file from this page and convert yourself into a piece of art by indulging into this creative process of picture art! Download the apk file from below!

Download Prisma APK File from below and turn your photos into a piece of art!!
Google Play Store Link of PRISMA!

iRoot (vRoot) APK Download For Android

iRoot is a simple tool for your android device that allows you to root your phone and have control over all its features. With this simple app, your mobile phones and tablets can be rooted in minutes. To become the boss of your device that you already own, download iRoot APK and get access to all its features. iRoot is the new name to popular app, vRoot, that used to offer the same services iRoot do. iRoot allows you to easily access all the files existing on your device and perform different tasks.
This app is compatible with all the lates versions of android and its very easy user interface makes it more better for you to have control and access ovee all features of your device.
Android users love to root their devices for many reasons. Rooting an android device deprices you of the manufacturer warranty and opens up your device to malware that can wipe away the data and may involve more related risks. It is a guideline for you to keep a backup of your important data before you root your device.
This app is so handy and easy that anyone can access it and use it easily. The simple user interface makes it completely compatible for audience. This app is cost free and can be download from the link below. You just have to download the iRoot APK file and open it up. Follow the directions and you will he guided through the way! 
Download iRoot Apk file from the link given below!!

MoreLocale 2 APK Download For Android

This app is a simple tool that lets you add various languages to your android phone. If you are using an android device that doesn’t supports the browsing language you want, then this app is the perfect solution for you. You just have to download the MoreLocale 2 apk file that I am provinding the link for and have your problem solved in minutes. Wherever you are , whichever country you live in, you can add various languages to your android device. MoreLocale 2 allows you to use the languagepf your choice. Downloading and installing this apk file is too easy. You just have to download the MoreLocale 2 apk file and choose the language from settings after installing. 

  • This app is free.
  • It has a very handy userinterface.
  • Allows you to browse in different languages
Download the apk file from below!!

Dr.Web Security Space For Android

A very simple tool that secures your android device from all the viruses, spam and malware. It completey assures the security of your device. It also helps you find your phone when you lost it somewhere or when its stolen. This app is a must have for all the android users. Some of the very cool feature this app has are as follows.
  • It scans your device for viruses and malware and removes them.
  • It keeps your calls and messages secure. 
  • It has a latest technology to scan for viruses. 
  • It scans your data for corrupted files and cleans them.
  • It scans the memory card files and internal memory files to make sure everything is clean and secure.
  • It makes the battery last longer. 
  • Cools down the device and improves the processor working. 
  • You can easily locate your device when its stolen away.

Download the apk file of this app from below!

SuperB Cleaner APK Download For Android

Android lovers must agree that with the advantages and versatile features of android devices, comes the hassles of cleaning, wiping and removing the extra files, contagious data and malware from your device to make sure it is working smoothly and properly. For this purpose, various apps and tools have been launched that make sure every contagious thing is wiped out of your phone. This app, SuperB cleaner is a very simple tool for your android device that needs cleaning for better performance. We all love devices that work properly and efficiently and for that, we have to make it clean through various ways like the one we are providing here.

  • SuperB cleaner apk is too simple and easy to access. It cleans your device up and also performs other tasks that make your phone work more efficiently.
  • By downloading the SuperB cleaner APK file, you are making sure the faster and efficient performance of your android device.
  • This app boosts your phones memory insanely that would make space and way for more newer stuff.
  • It keeps the processor cool for better performance. 
  • It optimizes the battery and make it last longer.
  • It boosts the system up so insanely that all your apps and games work faster.
Download the apk file from below!!!

GameCIH APK Download For Android

This app we are providing apk file of, is an amazing tool for game lovers. You all know the struggle to earn coins, scores, trophies etc in games. We know how time taking it is. Playing a certain game all the time to get the highest scores and points is not a cool idea. Solution to this problem is here!

We have something for you…
Something you would love to have.
Something that would work as  life saver for you..
Something that would stop the struggle.

Presenting to you this APK file, so you could have all the coins and scores you want. GameCIH APK is a simple tool that allow you to have desired scores, coins and other game values in minutes. Basically this is a hacking tool that helps you hack your games and get points, awards etc..

  • GameCIH works on a rooted device and that is a necessity.
  • This app is free.
  • You just have to download the APK file and hack your games all the way.
  • You can root your device using various rooting apps. 
  • Grab the file from the link below!

NOTE: Hacking is illegal and you shouldn’t perform any task that is illegal.


Simple MP3 Downloader APK For android

You would understand the pain if your a music lover and most of the music you hear in apps can’t be downloaded. Yes some of the songs get synced in apps that you can hear later while being offline but you have to stay online to listen to the other ones that aren’t synced. Every music lover knows the struggle. The simple, easy and handy app for all the music lovers is here. Simple mp3 downloader apk allows you to download your favorite music in minutes or seconds you can say. The steps you have to take to download your favorite music are here.

    • Download the apk file of simple mp3 downloader.
    • Go to the search page.
    • Type the name of song you want to download the mp3 file of.
    • Click on the download link.
    • You are done,
    • All the songs you download through this app would get saved in the app and you can access these offline.
Download the Simple mp3 Downloader apk file below.

Market Unlocker Pro APK Free Download For Android

Do you live in an area/region where you can’t reach enough apps and games that you love or desire to have? Are you tired of the restrictions that hinder you from getting the desired apps and games? Here is an amazing, simple and cost-free tool that would allow you to download all your favorite apps that are restricted in your respective region.

All of us love the shortcuts and midways and that perfectly cover up this situation as this app allows you to download the apps that you do not have access to, through a shortcut. Basically this a market unlock-er tool that takes you to the place where you can download the restricted apps just like you download the other ones.

You can download all the free restricted apps with this market unlocker. You would still have to pay the purchase price to get access to the paid apps. Few features of this app are as follows.

  • Market unlocker pro apk is free of cost.
  • It has a very handy user-interface.
  • It is very easy to download.
  • You can have access to all restricted apps.
  • You can have your desired apps and games.
  • You can explore the selective features that are allowed to view in some countries excluding yours.
  • You can download this app in a single click.
Download the APK file of Market Unlocker from the link below.

Market Unlocker Pro APK

Baidu Easy Root APK For Android Free Download

A very simple and easy tool to root your android device in a few minutes. This does not need any cost or your much effort. It would take a few steps to root your device. Few features of this app that I would enlist are as follows.

  • This app is free.
  • The user interface is too simple to use.
  • It wants your few clicks to root your device.
  • Once you download the app, the app will guide you through the way itself with some easy steps and handling.
  • This app is a translated version of the genuine Chinese language supported app so you need not to worry with the translated English version.
  • You can download this app with a single click from below! 
  • All i can do now is to wish you a happy rooting journey!

Zapya APK Free Download For Android

The most reliable tool for cross-platform transferring of files you will ever come across. You can transfer your data and files from MAC, Windows, Android Phones, iPhone and other devices with a few clicks. Sharing has never been this much easier. Not only you will enjoy the fast transfers and sharing but for your knowledge, this app is totally free of cost.

Some features and top most things you can do with this app are as follows:
  • You can transfer all your files from various devices without any cost and data connection.
  • You do not need any wires to connect the devices before transferring. You can share files of all formats in minutes.
  • When you replace your phone with a new one, you can use zapya to transfer all your data to the new device safely and easily.
  • This is the fastest way to share files across devices as it is hundreds time faster than Bluetooth.
  • You can share files with multiple people just like the group conversations you commonly make.
  • You can generate QR codes and share files through them.
  • It supports all these languages: English (Default), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, and Portuguese.

Kingo SuperUser APK Free Download For Android

Kingo SuperUser needs a rooted device to work. Basically, it is an android access management tool that allows you to manage your device easily. With Kingo SuperUser, you can have easy access to applications that need root permission. You can grant or refuse root permissions from various applications. Its integrated function module helps you uninstall bloatware by manufacturers. You can enjoy all the features by installing this APK in your device that is rooted.


  • You can manage and have access to all the applications that need permissions.
  • You can allow or deny the root permission requests.
  • You can uninstall bloatware with this app.
  • You can uninstall system applications with this app.
  • You can uninstall applications in a single click.
  • You can remove root function.
  • This app is a must have for android users that own a rooted device.
  • This app is available in all these languages; English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, French.

Download the apk in a single click from the link below.

Google play store link is given below: