Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro Latest Full APK Free Download for Android

Kaspersky is the best mobile security out there and is prefered by thousands of users around the world.Kaspersky is very easy to install and use as it walks you step by step through the setup which involves a few steps and then you are ready to use this awesome app.You also have to create a account for Web management and a secure Pin. Kaspersky provides comprehensive and ideal tools for the protection of android devices.It protects your data from any kind of virus and malware and let you enjoy the perks of android while you browse the web.

This app also blocks the unwanted calls and text.It provides real time protection to your data so that if your device is stolen or lost then you can easily wipe all of your data.You can also locate your device if its lost.Some key features of Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro are as follows
  • It scans all the files when they are opened and also scans all the data on your android device automatically and tells you about the stats of the data and viruses if it find any.It scans all the files opened,saved and executed.
  • It scans all the new apps after installation and all those apps too that are already installed.
  • It automatically detects the adware and riskwares that can become a cause of hacking and theft of data on your android device,
  • You can also shedule the scanning process and demand for it to search for the viruses,malware and other harmful material that can harm the security system of your device.
  • You can get sheduled or demand for the Antivirus updates for your android device.
  • It also provides a very good feature of blocking all the unwanted calls and texts as these are also a part of security of your android device.
  • It is anti theft and totally protects all your data from being stolen by any hacker or user and in case your mobile is lost or stolen you can save all your data by wiping off the storage of your device.
  • You can lock your device when sim card is replaced and your phone is switched on without a sim card.
  • You can control the device remotely when it is lost and stolen.Thus,you can lock it away with your data on it.
  • It protects all the pictures,videos,audios and apps from viruses and harmful content that is harmful for your mobile device and can slow down the performance of your device.
  • Unlike other security apps,it does not slows down the performance of your android device but it enhances the performance and device works more faster.
  • You can also get website filters and this amazing app protects you from all the phishing and harmful sites with contents containing viruses.It automatically detects the viruses from the links you are going to click the next second.
  • You can control the device application settings by the remote control and Protect your data according to the Corporate Security Policy.
  • When ever you lost your device or if its stolen,you can contact the administrator to fetch back your all data for you and protect your personal data on the android device.
  • Administrator can access the list of apps being installed on your mobile device and suggests which of them are harmful and good for your mobile device.
  • You can contact administrator and he can also restrict access to the features of your mobile phone such as wifi networks i-e your phone will not get connected with any wireless internet connection.
  • It also restrict the access to the camera and your device’s camera will stop working on the spot.
  • This amazing app comes up in different languages like ENGLISH,FRENCH,GERMAN,RUSSIAN.
  • This app requires and demand Android 2.2 – 4.2
  • Its minimum screen resolution is 320*480
  • It must be installed to the main storage of the memory of the device instead of SD CARD.
  • It works best for smart phone and tablets.
You will never regret downloading this amazing security app for your phone. Switch on to KASPERSKY and forget your worries about Data protection and viruses.. You can download it from the link below absolutely free of cost.

AirDroid PRO Latest APK Free Download For Android

AirDroid,Probably the best android device manager that is user friendly and is loved bt every android user as it manages the android devices so well.Its award winning services are very ideal and loved by all of the Android users around the world.So features of this amazing Android Device manager are as follows in accordancec with the special AirDroid world cup!

Now by downloading AirDroid Android Device Manager,you can win Pele signed boots,AirDroid premium,Official matchballs,Official jerseys So, manage your android devices on the web and all over the air. As AirDroid is in the air! Feel it (:
So the most lavishing key features that this app hold ms are
You do not have to use the USB cables to connect and manage your devices with AirDroid Android Device Manager.
You do not have to install any driver to use AirDroid Android Device Manager.
You can use the same Wifi or Internet Connection available on your devices.
It is a very pure Web Application that is compatible to use with Chromebook,Windows,Mac and Linux.
You just have to install AirDroid Android Device Manager and you will have compkete access to manage your android device on the web.I am writing its features.Have a look! You will love it.
You can send and recieve the SMS and the individual or group messages too.
You can download and manage your apps.also supports import and export of the APK files.
You can manage all your files in one place and can also transfer the files between your android device and computer.
You can view all your photos in one place and can also transfer them to your computer wirelessly and from your computer to android too.
You can place all the audios and videos and play them within the android app and also transfer the videos and audios to your computer from your android device and from your android device to your computer.
You can make any music file as your ringtone and can also export any ringtone to your android device.
You can view all the contacts within the app and also edit all the contacts in your Android device.
You can also take screenshots with your android device with real time android screen but root is required for the action.
You can see through the lens of both the front and back camera and also supports the real time flashlight.
You don’t have to move from one app to another to open any URL because you can click open the URL or any link sent or recieved in the Android browser without switching to any other app or browser.
You can also share the content of the clipboard to your computer from your android device without any cable attached to connect.
There are some more features of this Best Android Device Manager like Wifi tethering,file manager,task manager etc. Some of its android philosophies that makes it a perfect Android Device Manager are as follows
You can transfer and manage all your content on the Android device without any hassle of the data cables. Manage your devices completely wirelessly.
You can play and enjoy within one screen without lingering and shifting to other screens.
This awesome AirDroid Android Devuce Manager assures to lessen your one more worry with its handsone feature of locating the android device when ever and where ever you want and wiping off all the personal data that is saved on it if its lost.
This app allows you to manage all the content and data on your android device through your computer or PC’s browser.
It is remarkably comprehensive as it works very smoothly and operates ideally and is also a free download. Its handsome and easy to use handy features are the little things that made it worth winning “app of the year”.. 
Switch to the Best Android Device Manager, The AirDroid Android Device Manager and get your device managed like a PRO!
You can download it free from the link below.

If you wish to get it from the Google Play Store then the link is below.

Candy Crush Saga Latest Version Free Apk Download

Candy Crush Saga,the most amazing game i’ve played ever.In this game,You can enjoy the sweetest and colourful worls of candies.This game is basically a match 3 game which is very fun playing and you will eventually get addicted to it for hours.Switch to candy crush saga now and go through hundreds of its amazing level which will cherrish your jourbey all the way to this amazing Saga!

You can easily sync this game between different devices and you can also play it online on facebook and get lives from your friends when you are finished with your remaining lives.This game is very adventurous as it allows you to play the most sweetest game ever,yes the sweetest i repeat! In this game,you have to match the same coloured candies and the candies will then burst and you will get the scores.Most of it levels demands some score range and some fruit brought to the ends.. With leveling up,you also get new puzzles and more adventures.This game is very amusing and you can also download it on your android devices.iOs devices from the play stores like Google play,Kindle fire,Apple appstore or you can play it now by simply logging in to your facebook acount.. Candy Crush Saga is now one of the most popular games being played all over the world.. Millions of people have downloaded this game and loved their candy experience!

In this game,you can also make a special candy with matching the four same coloured candies with each other and when burst open,these specisl candies gives you special scores that will take you to the next level more easily.Obe thing that i love about this game is the amazing *colour bomb* 🙂 i do not know why but i love the way colour bomb do the trick! And now there is one thing very special that is the dream world which is unlocked after you are done with your 50 levels.. Then you can play this beautiful journey of sweetest game ever with an owl dressed in pyjamas drawn tiffy on it.. You will love this journey of dream land with an owl friend. Surf the sweetest candy journey with Candy Crush Saga now! What are you waiting for? Download it with a single click from the link below! You will never regret downloading and playing the most fun filled saga!
Fetch your Candy Crush Saga here,


Asphalt 8 Airbone APK free download

Probably the best racing game throughout the play stores.This arcade series are now turned to an amazing point where racing is more fun with Dynamic & high speed aerial stunts in an divine driving experience powered by a latest physics again.Now you can play with the Luxury Dream Cars.There are now forty seven cars with high performance.Mostly are newer ones.Top licensed manufacturers and car models such as lamborghini,ferrari,bugatti and pagani zonda R.. Realistic car motor sounds with real audio immersion.

Get airbone now. Take the race above the limit and hit ramps,perform barrel rolls and wildest ever jumps.You can do stunts while racing and surf in the air.Asphalt 8 Air Bone now comes up with new locations and maps that are very interested to race in.The most amazingest maps are now added to it that are worth playing.You can now race in nine different locations such as venice,iceland,nevada desert and much more exciting locations.All the tracks are available in mirror and original variations in Career mode.You can now discover some new tricks and shortcuts.Some new features that are added to the divine racing series are as follows.

  • Eight seasons and One hundred and eighty events in career mode
  • Now enjoy the stunning visuals,real time geometry reflections,next generation shaders and some other stunning effects for a new era of speed
  • You can now go through a detailed damage system that you have never seen before.
  • Race with the new infected and drift gate game modes.
  • Now it comes up with multiplayer action for eight oponents
  • You can give tough competition to friends with your favorite racing rides.
  • You can now compare the scores on the leaderboard with your friends and other players round the glob.
  • You can also share your racing abilities and show the world that you are the best racer.
  • Music is as important as the comfortableness of a car.Now reviving back the music,Asphalt 8 Airbone came up with sensational music to rejoice your soul.
  • A heart throbing mix match of amazing music for the better experience of your game.
  • Music featuring real tracks from Bloc Party & the crystal method are added to spice up and give a real racing feel with real time music. 
  • Asphalt 8 Airbone is what we call a game for the extreme and real time racing lovers in which they can ride real time Luxury cars within amazing locations that are worth surfing Asphalt 8 is now available at all the Play stores and Android markets. Fetch your Asphalt now from the link below.
Download the wonderful game here!
If you wish to download it from google play store,then the link is here!

Dolphin Browser Free APK Download For Android

Dolphin browser is the most popular mobile browser that has been downloaded on 100000000 android and iOS devices.This browser has made surfing the internet so easy with its advanced features.Its voice,smooth touch and gesture features are wonderful and is far better than Google chrome and Mozilla.It has faster updates and more efficiently fix issues than any other browser.It is the number one browser on the play stores.Dolphin browser has made it very easy to surf the web with its personalized home screen.. It works very smoothly and quickly and you feel at home with this amazing browser.. Its features are described below,you will definitely love to download it and you’d never regret installing dolphin!

Its gesture feature is very useful and easy that you can create any gesture that you mostly use and access the web with those gestures.
Sonar is also an amazing feature of dolphin as it allows you to use voice controls to search,you can share on your social sites with this feature,bookmark your loved sites and navigate.
One click share feature allows you to share any content and share it to facebook or twitter or save the content to the box or evernote.
Now there is no need to run between the screens as now browsing has been made easy to surf as if you are on your desktop.
Three add-ons are pre added in the side bar and you can add much more add-ons to make it easy for you to do your most done tasks at your fingertips.Add-ons allow you to add above 60 add-ons to your browser to work that efficiently into your browser.
Dolphin connects you and made a handsome relation with the internet syncing your surfing history and the saved passwords.Moreover,you can have easily access across Android,iPad,iPhone and all the desktop browsers including mozilla,chrome and safari.
Add your most visited websites in your homescreen like speed dials and organize them easily with few clicks and have access to the most loved websites.
Dolphin makes you feel at home with its themes,skins and colour ranges to design it the way you love it and make dolphin your own browser.
Dolphin’s own all new Web app store that provides 200 web applications including the most popular ones like facebook,twitter and amazon and much much more.You can select from different apps and enjoy the most popular apps.
You can send links to devices,send maps,phone contacts,share the videos and more from your desktop yo your phone and also from your phone to desktop with dolphin browser for android.
Its WIFI broadcast feature is more reliable and you can share links with the wifi networks nearby.

You can download it from the link below! Enjoy the most amazing browser!

NOVA 3-Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance APK Free Download For Android

Just get set and switch on to this amazing game that is made for the humanity lovers.Just don’t waste your time and start working for the survival of mankind as they badly need a super hero to help them! Enjoy this game in the greatest space shooter on your mobile phone.

You should keep it in mind that this game needs 2 gb of your storge. NOVA 3-Near Orbit alliance has became too much popular in last months and many downloads have been done.
Before four months since Kal ruined completely the volteries’ plans by sabotaging the war factories and ceasing the extraction and production of judger artifacts.Government is worried about the situation that is becoming worse and more worse day by day so they are searching for someone to help them and save them from the civil war. As per President Folsom,they need a protectorate to prevent them from civil war. And he ordered the colonies.
KAL is the saver and the protector who is being called by Yelena on earth to help them. He,Kal Wardin has been lying low since President Folsom’s death but as soon as he got a desperate application from the earth,he had to come! Because a hero was must for the saviour of mankind and humanity!
Humanity came back to earth after many years and fought for their survival.The super hero fought in 10 difficult levels accross the space and turned the earth that was surviving war into a frozen peace volterite city.
You can use different weapons and powers against the opposite forces.You can run,shoot the gun and drive vehicles accross the city and you can also pilot a mech to fight the huge quantity of enemies.You can play in different maps and you can also join the 12 battle players with six different modes.. And now its the first experience then the Allies jump in the sams car and make destructions and try to ruin the space in the battlefield.Now discover the new FPS mark for gameplay and real tine graphics including real time shadow and lights,ragdoll physics,particle system etc. For the fans of nova series,its the most amazing game which includes shooting,rooming around and a lot of action in one game! 

Have fun,here is the download link for downloading it free of cost..


If you wish to purchase it from the google play store,then the link is below

Beach Cricket Pro APK Free Download

Ahh! So CRICKET,the most played and most loved sport by every single person.This is the game that is played all around the world and people do really enjoy playing and watching this amazing sport as it is loved by every kid to adult! Mostly boys take interest in cricket and are badly addicted to it.

For the cricket lovers,there is now available an amazing game that provides the natural scenario and a very good sport experience as this game is loved by millions of people around the world.This game can b adapted in any environment as it suits the surroundings.In this new PRO version of Cricket Beach,you can experience the fun of cricket with a sip of sun,sand and the sea.This provides a real cricket fun and you just feel like you are playing it in real.
As there are eleven players in this game and a batsman.The players are batsman are defined but you can select the bowlers which you like.Like the first step of cricket,winning the toss gives you opportunity to decide whether to bat first or bowl.

You can play a 5 over,10 over,15 over,20 over,25 over,30 over match.
Requirements that are needed for the installation of this game are as follows

  • It needs android OS 2.0 or later!
  • Needs devices powered by an ARMv7 Central Processing Unit.
  • It requires GPU support for OpenGles.This is recommended
To download this funfilled game follow the link below.

If you wish to purchase it from the google playstore,then the link is below!

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game APK Free Download

Spiderman,hero of every kid in their childhood has lighten up many smiles and came up with amazing movies and games.After the amazing movie SPIDER MAN 2,the amazing game is now in the stores and got too popular within no time.Spiderman has millions of fans around the web and millions and billions of people downloaded this game.The awesome spider ride attracted many spidy lovers around the globe ammusing and breathtaking features that this outstanding game holds are as follows.

In the SPIDER MAN 2,NEW YORK is in danger from a city crime spree and Spider man can save it only.In this deed many enemies stand in his way.Those enemies are Venom,The green goblin,electro and other dangerous villains.Spider man have to save Manhattan.
In this official game SPIDERMAN 2,Following moves and features are offered.

  • You can surf the web with the Web sling,Climb the walls like you are flying in the sky,woaah! The most amazing and fastest Spider Man.
  • This game is based on the recently releases movie SPIDER MAN 2 that gained a lot of profit and fame from accross the world.
  • Now switch to Spider Man 2 and Go beyond the limits of fun with this marvellous movie turned game.
  • Now Spider Man 2 came with many different characters including BLACK CAT And the amazing ScrewBALL
  • Now you can unlock the Spider Man’s suit by gaining the higher scores and crossing the excellence limits.
  • Like the Spider Man had different characters and suits in the novel. Just same as that,Now it comes up with many new characters and suits with attracting personality that a Super Hero deserves.
  • Now the Spider Man is in competition with the most dangerous villains ever that came in the way of his good deed of saving NEW YORK from the threats that it’s recieving.
  • Now it comes up with High quality sound and graphics with 3D cinematic action cutscenes brought to real life.
  • The intense combo-focused crime fighting and defeating the enemies,getting that real feel the success.Both fighting styles and high quality sounds amuse the player
  • The fluid animations are great and the Hero swing freely through the open world city like never ever before.  
  • Get ready and take the flight to the sky with action packed up with great animations.
  • Amazing icon and controls with enhanced and intense action
  • Adventurous Manhattan based on 6 districts is awaiting for you to explore its vast and intense Central park.
  • The 3D graphics provides a big and enhanced gaming experience.
  • Now you have got chance to be the hero in the dark story to lighten it up
  • The gaming experience is now more enhanced because of the new villains to fight with.

Download this amazing game now from the free link given below!

If you wish to purchase it from the Play store,then the link is below

Smart Launcher Pro 2 Free APK Download For Android

Smart Launcher Pro 2 is a great and popular app for the android devices.It allows you to completely change the layout of your android device.It comes up with great features that are very easy and handy to use and allows you to open any app within the launcher within very few clicks.Smart launcher pro is the premium version of the application Smart launcher.It allows a lot more features to cherish the layout of your device.It comes up with many designs and themes and very amazing color range that provides a very good effect to your eyes as the designs and layouts are eye catching and very easy to use and install.Are you bored of the usual layout of your android device,than this is the best app and solution for your problem.I will try to describe all its mind blowing features that will not let you regret downloading it..

It is very simple,light and fast.Does not covers a lot of space as it needs very little part of storage of your device and does not slows down the speed of your mobile like other launchers.It is very fast and light as it does not let you realize that your are away from the real layout or launcher.It does not crashes the applications and runs very smoothly.It is still minimal but over featured.If the six categories of the previous version were not enough for you then now there is a good news for you that now you can add as many categories as you want to add.You can add books,shopping,navigation and if its still not enough,then you can add your own category and name it yourself.

From its popup widget you can add awesome and latest widgets to your screen and manage them very easily.Widgets are usually shown still on the screen but here you can manage when you need a widget to show.Single clicking an application opens it and double clicking will show the gadget.Isn’t it way cooler?

Moreover,Smart Launcher Pro 2 provides you a separate screen for placing multiple gadgets.It allows multiple screen panels specifically placing the gadgets in a separate screen.
It offers even more gestures and let you customize the way you startup your apps as you want.Two-finger gestures give you even more possibilities to manage the way you start your apps.
Amazing features and amazing app that is very popular around the globe and millions and millions of downloads have been done.In the background,where all these features are planned and made,there are quality experts that work day and night for the progress of apps and to meet all the requirements of their users.The updates are faster and very light and easy to install.Its newer version  that is Smart Launcher Pro 2 gives you more and more features to enjoy and it is fully unlocked.It gives full access to every handsome feature.

What’s new in the recent update.. So yeah there are changes

  • Many bugfixes
  • Now you can start google by “OK,google”
  • Autosorting is enabled in the default lock screen also
  • Now you can add/edit categories in the pro version only
  • Double tapping on a app will open up the widget
  • You can put a password to protect the hidden apps
  • Now it gives the bestest performance
  • APK size is now decreased so that it will not take a lot of storage
  • You can also double tap to turn off the screen

You can download it free of cost by the link below

If you wish to purchase it from the Google Play Store,then the link is below

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker For Android APK Free Download

One more addition to the amazing and powerful music players.A music player is all you want for a perfect and great fun that is all according to your wish.You can manage all the lists and volume stuff as you like and there are a lot more features in this player to admire.I will try to explain all its amazing features,
It plays mp3,mp4/m4a,ogg,wma*,flac,wav,ape,wav,ape,wv,tta,mpc,aiff and some files may require neon support.
It has 10 band optimized graphical equilizer for all the supported formats,presets and custom presets
It has separate powerful bass and treble adjustment
It has Stereo expansion,mono mixing and also balancing
The awesome crossfade feature
It is gapless
You can enjoy its replay gain feature
It can play songs from the folders and from your own libraries
It has dynamic queue
It also supports lyrics also provides lyrics search via plugin called musixmatch
It supports embed and standalone cue files
Supports m3u,m3u8,pls,wpl playlists
Also offers OpenGL based art animations
Many skins and themes on playstore and comes up with a custom visual them
It also offers four types of widgets with many selectable styles,advanced customization,Lock screen widgets for Android 4.2
It offers configurable lock screen
Supports headset and automatic resume in the headset.It also supports bluetooth and this setting can be disabled or enabled from the settings
It has great feature of scrobbling
You can edit the tags within the application
Fastest library scan and all the media is in the player
High level of customization via settings

All the amazing features that a perfect player hold.. isn’t it amazing? grab it now with the link given below


Bitdefender Mobile Security APK Free Download

Your mobile contains a huge list of apps that are downloaded from different sources that may contain viruses or traces of them that can harm your mobile phone and you may have to format your device and there is no other option except losing all the applications and precious data on your device.. A strict security is required for the device that let you know all the possible problems that may occur because of any virus that is brought to your mobile phone with any harmful app!

The solution to your problem is almost here,Now you can take awesome and award winning security for mobile anywhere with you and stay protected. Bitdefender Antivirus free is a very strong and fast security app that fulfills all your requirements regarding security.Now your android device gets safer security and protection with great detection.Usually all the antiviruses slows down the performance of devices when installed but unlike those antiviruses,bitdefender does not slows down the performance of your mobile phone.You just need to install it and sit back and relax!

And its absolutely free of cost!

Bitdefender automatically detect for virus from new applications that are installed to your device.

It scans whole device and storage for viruses and notifies you of that like the certified bitdefender app.The scanning feature ensures the safety of your android device 24/7

Bitdefender checks all the applications in cloud services for the newest safeguards to outbreak and this scan is super fast without leaving any effect on the device performance and battery timings.

You can set free your android device with this handsome security system that doesn’t sleep and keep a check on all the suspicious activities of device and the viruses and malicious traces are blocked before they harm the device.

It is very easy to use and install.It needs no configuration simply you have to install it and your device is secure with this high alert guard.. It automatically detects the applications for virus

This security has been upgraded with more features and security improvements that the users are loving it with millions of downloads.. Switch to bitdefender mobile security and enjoy the all new virus free experience with this handy app!

This comes up with different new features like it now also check the pages that are you viewing for virus or harmful activity.. And Moreover it provides the facility to lock,Locate and wipe out your device in case of stolen or lost!

Isn’t it awesome?? Download it here! link is below!

Ubersocial PRO for Twitter Free Apk Download

Ubersocial is a must for any twitter user that is very manageable and handy to use.Uberssocial is very easy to use and its features are incredibly great.. ONCE you will start using this,we are sure that you will never get back to the twitter application or client that you were using before.It is the king of mobile applications for twitter.

You can create inner circles and easily get connected with your friends and see what they have tweeted..
Don’t miss what your best friends have tweeted..
You can create a favorite list of users and friends from whuch you want to hear news and easily see what
they are up to without searching for them.
It has new feature MUTE,Now you can mute the hashtags that you are tired seeing.. You can ignore them
for a period or maybe forever!
Its menu customization is so very east to use that greatest features are just a click away from you!
You can connect facebook with it and also edit your Gchat statuses.
You can manage very easily all your social accounts in one place absolutely in no time!
You can see all your conversation and replies to chats even if the conversations are way older.
You can view media links,audios and videos in your own timeline without leaving the application.
You can see the latest and bestest with on refresh.
Ubersocial now come up wth colorful themes that completely provides a new twitter experience.
Ubersocial come up with extra features too like video uploading,photo uploading,shorten links and allows you to send links above 140 characters.
The fun don’t stops here but the great list of features is still more.. You can select customized notifications,location services,advanced search,edit profile and definitely all the twitter functionalities like tweet,retweet,direct message.@MENTION and lists etc.
Ubersocial allows viewing photos from many services..
Ubersocial was previously known as TWIDROYD!

New features that it holds

  • You can save images to your phone
  • Topbar improvements for android 4.4
  • New picture preview
  • Fixed counter issue
  • Fixed hashtag highlighting 
  • Automatic account switches within gadgets
  • Several other bug fixes

This is a paid app but you can download it totally free here.. The link to the download is below

If you wish to purchase it from google playstore then the link is below