Subway Surfer Tokyo Latest v1.24 APK Download Free

SUBWAY SURFERS: The most famous game played by millions of users around the world. Like some other games such angrybirds,temple run and temple run 2,Subway surfer also gained loads of success and fame.. It attracted millions of users towards the drift of its awesome tours.. Recently subway surfers TOKYO is launched by killoo games and this time it has come up with great new features including new japanese characters.. Yeah you got it right,You will see new japanese faces in the game.. isn’t that exciting?

Its the time to surf japan with all new and latest subway surfers tokyo..You can download the apk file from the link mentioned below.The game now looks totally different as it was before in the subway surfers Sydney.Many new features are added and many of the things have been changed.You gotta know everything about this exciting new and funfilled japan tour with your own jake and the punters.

Tokyo is very famous and amazing city that almost every single person desire to visit.People love this city and thats the real cause of launch of the all new Subway Surfer Tokyo.. People loved this eddition of the game like the sydney one launched before.They really love to switch to the newest and all the next coming versions of the amazing game and it is expected that subway surfers will come up with more great cities of the world in their next editions.I myself played this game to review it and found some of its very new features that are worth sharing.

You have to move and control the all new Japanese girl character that is added newly in this version and more characters are also available for you to choose from the list.Unlike the old version,you are followed by the police man and his dog.. And yes there are obstacles and hurdles in the path to make it more exciting and unfilled to play.You need as much coins as you can collect.To get boosts and power ups,you need coins to purchase the items.Cherish the whole new tour to JAPAN now with this exciting game.. To purchase boosts and power ups you can visit settings in the games.Some great new features of Subway Surfer Tokyo are as follows..

  • The breathtaking lightning of JAPAN excites you!
  • New paths with many changes brought to them.
  • Tokyo’s large buildings,interface you!
  • Proper Japanese makeovers and new characters.
  • New 3 types of power boosters with new types of boosts.
Exciting? are’nt you? I’m loving this game and you are going to love it too for sure.. Here is the proper downloading link to the whole new JAPAN tour! 

Winamp Music Player APK Free Download

A music player is all that you need for your android device. The ease that you search for is here.. It can provide you with the best sound that you wish to hear and that perfect tunes bass that you search for and you can manage the volume parameters according to your wish..

Winamp media player is the latest player for android devices that fulfills all requirement of the device.The sync feature that it holds is just amazing that let you sync your playlists and favorite songs and sounds from your desktop and PC to your android device with the ease of wireless.. isn’t that just awesome?

You can easily manage your playlists and sync your playlists with such an ease of wireless transfer that let you transfer songs from your libraries to your android device.. You can sync itunes libraries too and can also import all the recordings that you have saved on your desktop or PC. You can have access to the great range of radio stations.

It really whips off the minds with the awesome re-energizing updates that are a successful outcome of the team WINAMP and they are working more hard to meet all the requirements of the users. Winamp is your pocket entertainer that can go with you all over the world in your pocket.

 It is a paid app which when purchased by the play stores charges you with 2.2$ but you can download it all free with this link provided below.. What are you waiting for? just hit the link below and get re-connect with the music!!


Asphalt 7 Free Download APK For Android

Asphalt series are very popular among racing mania games.. The newest and hottest series of asphalt is here in the most stunning and fastest line up edition.A truly first class line up.. You can drive 60 new cars from the bestest world class manufacturers from all around the world.. like ferrari. lamborghini and aston martin and also including the great and luxury DeLorean.. You can race round the globe.. Gear up to race on the 15 mot stunning tracks that are set up in real cities of the world.. These also include the brand new tracks in Hawaii,Paris,London,Miami and the RIO.. Challenge the world with this hot series..
You can play with your friends locally or online.. You can now see your stats and also know who’s going great by the totally new asphalt tracker that let you know about the stats.. You can challenge the rivals and show off your gained achievements.. You can find and play with the other oponents and play with them in the hardest challenge and competition.. There are also special events and competition that makes you world’s bestest!

The new highway maps are stunningly amazing,You can play and enjoy six different modes that are packed along with 15 leagues and 150 different races.. isn’t it amazing?
All the cars and tracks are now more beautiful and breathtaking than ever.. The new and eyecatching graphics keeps you stunned.. These push the limits of your device miles away!
Thats what we can call cutting edge graphics

Asphalt series have setup a record of long term success.. As it is acclaimed by media and the players who play this.. It has already played,loved and definitely admired by the million of users from around all the corners of the world.. Join the race before it’s late!
This game has fulfilled the requirements of the fans and lovers of racing and driving and multiplayer android gamers!

Minimum hardware requirement to play asphalt 7 is

  • GHz CPU
  • 512 RAM
  • Adreno 205 GPU,equivalent or more
  • 1.2 GB storage space!

Close other applications while playing asphalt for optimal performance!
It is an paid app but you can download it absolutely free from the link below!

If you wish to purchase it from play store than the link is below!

Mobogenie Market Free APK Download For Android

Mobogenie is a popular android and pc market for latest and up to date apps that are portable for your android device.You can discover awesome content with your fingertips in a few moments.It ensures the safety of your devices whether it is your mobile phone or your desktop.. It provides great content for both the mobile phone and pc.. Mobogenie is prefered by all the android users as it is very easy and handy to use..

Mobogenie has special editor recommendations that are updated daily.. You can find top applications that are most preferred and downloaded by users.. Games and apps are available for PC too.. You can see top ten apps chart which is helpful and it shows right recommendations that meet the needs of the users.. Servers are updates daily and you can see reviews about latest apps and games.You are notified about the updates of the apps you have installed.

All the apps and games are categorized in separate labels which are very useful to find the app that you are searching.This is a great way to discover new applications and right apps for your need.
Their search engine is very efficient and fast which search for countless apps and hidden gems in the app market..

Mobogenie is worth downloading in your device.. How? look at the cool and mindblowing features it holds..

  • You can download cool apps,games,ringtones and wallpapers without a desktop in your mobile android device
  • You can discover great apps and the apps you were searching very easily and also get to know about apps you never even knew about
  • You can search countless apps by the fast search engines
Mobogenie is more than just recommendation.. You can download it here!

If you wish to download this app from google play store then the link is below

Hay Day Guide and Free Download

Hay Day is a great and very new charming farming experience.. Once you will play this game you will get addicted to it as theres so much interesting to do.. You can plant crops of wheat,corn,pumpkin,carrot,sugarcane,indigo,red chili pepper etc.Crops when ready to harvest are used to make sweaters,brown sugar,white sugar,juices,pies and much more.As it is a farm,animals are a must so there are cows,hen,sheep,horses and pigs too.You can produce things in bakery,pie oven and on grills and sell them at your very own roadside shop.

Hay day is recently updated to its best,greatest update of the farming history.. this update includes..


ALL ABOARD Hay Day’s biggest update in history!
Introducing the new Hay Day Town!
*UNLOCK your very own mountain town
*REPAIR the station and town hall
*BUILD your theater, diner, spa, and more
*CUSTOMIZE your town with decorations
*GREET and serve quirky new visitors
*EARN reputation points to unlock buildings and rare items
*IMPROVE buildings inside and out
*CONNECT with neighbors and share bonuses!
And there’s so much more. Check out all the details in the official Hay Day forums. 

So in hay day every farmer want to earn loads of money in order to buy buildings and decorating,decorating your farm is important earn likes and reputation points.Earning money quickly is a common issue for farmers.. two complulsory things o have
  • upgraded silo
  • upgraded barn

Silo storage and barn storage must be high so that you can store things there and sell them at your roadside shop.Customers usually donot pay handsome prices but each time you sell goods to them you get 5 stars that are worthy for level upgrade.For upgrading silo,you need building materials that are hard to find.But i have a useful tip that i myself used to get building material.

To get building material like screw,plank,wood panel and tapes you need to plant crops.Wheat can be produced in 1 minute and you can repeat the process easily for the time is very less..
  • Plant wheat crop above 17
  • Wait forthe time of harvest
  • Harvest quickly 
  • You will get building material each time you will plant crops that are 17 or 30+
  • You can repeat the process when ever you want.

Now the problems what to do with the excess of wheat.. Usually i make alot of bread and tnlo hamburgers and sell them at the roadside shop. You can also sell wheat at low prices and place an add in news paper to attract customers.. 

Best of luck for a great farming experience!

Download hay day from the link below..

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Free Download

Minecraft is a great game attracting players from all over the world. From the starting day this game gained alot of success and millions of downloads have been done. But this is a paid app that is the reason many people who cannot afford to purchase this app from the paid markets are not able to play this amazing tour game.. A lot more is added to the new update of pocket version of minecraft.. A whole new design and a great variety of bars.
There are more minecarts,more rails and powered rails in the game now.
The distance of view has been greatly increased as you will see that in the options.
Completely new textures,great colors and blocks are added as these were in the desktop version.
There are now more wood types,more new carpets,very new blocks,the new hay bales,iron bars and a lot more is now added to the update of the minecraft pocket version.
There is a whole new variety of crops,more types of food containing beetroot,carrots,potatoes and the pumpkins.
A lot more items and blocks can now be used in the creative mode of the game.
Completely new breeding and Al
This update includes a new creative inventory with tabs
Effects are very much improved and foggy effects are also added now..
This is paid app but we are providing a free download.. you can download from the link below..
if you wish to purchase it from google play than the link is given below.

Blackmart Alpha Latest Version For Android APK Free Download

Are you frustrated purchasing apps from play markets and other sources? then we’ve got the solution for you.We all use android market as it provides latest apps related to android and is considered best market for buying apps.. What if you love an app and can’t download it free and the source where you found it demands money for the app and you can not find that app anywhere else on the search engines for free.. There’s absolutely no need to get worried or crazy about that because a very simple and good solution to your problem is almost here!

Black mart alpha is a huge android market which provides you with latest and all the paid apps absolutely free.Now you can download any paid app from black mart alpha as it is a black markit for paid apps.. No need to spend money buying apps from other appstores when you can get them for free.Blackmart alpha is a worthy Android app to download because it provides thousand of free apps to download for free.It is very simple and easy to download and use it. It keeps you updated with the notifications of latest versions of all the apps that you installed on your android.
Its time to SAY GOODBYE to other paid markets and switch to Blackmart alpha
Downloading process is very simple and easy.. Just download it and explore the huge market full of android apps absolutely free.. You can download it by the following link given below..
If you wish to purchase it from google play store you can purchase it by the link below..

Universal Unroot 1.10 Latest APK Free Download For Android

Universal Unroot can Unroot ANY Android processored device that’s already Rooted & has a type of Superuser installed in it.Its current updated version is 1.10.. it requires android 2.2 or upper.. 
Universal unroot will unroot any android device that is already rooted. Simply click on the “UNROOT” button and allow Root Access when asked to give it a permission. The device will reboot after the hit.You will then be completely unrooted when you boot back up..
**When App Does Not Reboot After Allowing The Root, Then Close The App And Hit The Unroot Button Again**

This is a great app for those people who are trying to complete the warranty return with a carrier for detective device hardware or a repair..



Unrooting is permanent,Once you hit the button the result is permanent.. If you are searching for a temporary unrooting then this app is definitely not suitable for you.. You can just use this app if you permanently want to lose the ROOT ACCESS.. 
One more thing,If your device has insecure kernel then app will tell you to leave and close the app..This is for users who spend some time reading the description that warns you that if your device has insecure kernel then you will not be completely unroot..
insecure kernel describes the meaning that you will not be unrooted until your kernel is reversed back to the factory storage file.. 
Please be aware , this app does not guarantee that it will fix your  following devices..
  • Over The Air Update issues 
  • Debloating 
  • Custom recovery 
  • Custom ROM 
If you can not update because the system of your device is modified,You can look for a way to turn back to the entire device Such as ODIN or SAMSUNG..
This is a paid app but you can download it free from the following link..
IF you wish to Purchase it from Google Play Store,Then you can consult the following link..

Neutron Music Player 1.8 Free Download Full Latest APK

Free Download Neutron Music Player Latest APK – Neutron Music player is all in one player that you need for your android.. the ease that you search for while listening to your favorite playlists is almost here!  

AWESOME Features of Neutron Music Player

  • Neutron player can play files of all the known formats i-e MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit only), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE (Monkey’s Audio), WV (WavPack), MPC (MusePack), WAV, AU, AIFF, MPG/MPEG (audio only), AVI (audio only),itunes/windows except DRM protected,OPUS.



  • 32/64 audio processing for high quality.
  • Display 480*480 or higher
  • It will definitely not eat up your battery with its smart battery consumption!
  • Its easily customizable through settings.
  • You can setup sleep timer while sleeping listening to your favorite songs.. you can set the timer upto 90 minutes
  • It is eligible for the devices that are android 2.1+ , ios 6.1+ , BB10+,blackberry playbook 2.0.1+ and tizen 2.2+
  • It supports following languages, Русский, 中文 (繁体), 中文 (简体), 한국어, 日本語, Việt, ไทย, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Español, ελληνικά, Português, Magyar, Polski
  • Hardware ARMv7 + VFP, ARMv7 + NEON, x86 + SSE2.
  • All the files can be moved to external SD card.
  • Audio band spctrum for the audio range that you prefer
  • You can make additional folders. it displays artists and genres already!
  • Unicode tags are supported in it.
  •  Album art supporting


    (supported: PNG, JPG, BMP, incl. metadata from tags).


  • Digital audio adjustment and real time RMS bar for your ease
  • Album’s are created for the categories like album,artist,genre,date and year
  • You can dunk lyrics files into your player
  • You can arrange playlists as per your choice
  • Queing is also one of its good features,
  • Looped playbacks are also supported
  • Shuffle playbacks
  • Forced mono
  • Pitch and tempo
  • Crossfading,balance and phase inversion. almost everything that a perfect player should hold!
  • Dithering to improve the audio quality by eliminiting quantization in signal.
  • HQ 4-band equilizer
  • Absolutely accurate gapless playbacks!
  • CUE sheets supported
  • replay gain
  • Normalization and re-mastering of tracks.
  • Rumble filters to protect the speakers from overloading.
  • Crossfeed DSP for better audio listening.
  • Surround sound DSP and ambiophonic R.A.C.E
  • LAN or WAN using as music source.
  • CUE, M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM, XSPF, WPL.All playlists are supported.
  • Great streaming audio with metadata.
  • Voice audio format is SPEEX.
  • HQ resampling with two modes. quality and audiophile.
  • Module music formats MOD, IM, XM, S3M.
SO,each and every quality that a good player should hold is here! so what are you waiting for? you can download it for free by the following link.
If you want to purchase this player through google play store then you can follow this link..